Denk bloß nicht, ich heule

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Denk bloß nicht, ich heule
Denk nicht 65.jpg
Directed byFrank Vogel
Written byManfred Freitag, Joachim Nestler
Music byHans-Dieter Hosalla
CinematographyGünter Ost
Edited byHelga Krause
Release date
Running time
91 minutes
CountryEast Germany

Denk bloß nicht, ich heule (English: Just Don't Think I'll Cry) is a 1965 East German drama film directed by Frank Vogel of DEFA Studio. Until 27 April 1990 the film was banned in East Germany because of its social criticism.[1][2] The film was said to have "problematized the oppression of critical young people in East German schools."[3]



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