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Denma Locho Rinpoche (1928 Kham, 23 October 2014) was a Tibetan recognized incarnate lama of the Loseling College of Drepung Monastery. He is an incomparable luminary of Je Tsongkhapa's lineage and the ex-abbot of Namgyal Monastery. He hails from Drepung Loseling. Upon receiving the Geshe degree in Tibet, he entered the Tantric College in Upper-Lhasa. He is also a teacher of Kyabje Gelek Rimpoche. Locho Rinpoche has been an honored guest of Jewel Heart several times and Drepung Loseling Monastery USA as well as in the Netherlands.[1]


  • THE WHEEL OF EXISTENCE: The Twelve Links of Dependent existence; Denma Locho Rinpoche: Teachings in the Netherlands (1987)


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