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Danish-Finnish relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and Finland



Denmark–Finland relations are foreign relations between Denmark and Finland. Denmark has an embassy in Helsinki. Finland has an embassy in Copenhagen.[1][2] Both countries are part of the Nordic Council. Denmark officially recognized Finland's independence in 1918 and diplomatic relations were established on 18 February of that year. Both countries are members of the European Union, Nordic Union, Council of the Baltic Sea States. The Nordic Culture Fund and the Finnish-Danish Cultural Fund support projects of artists in both countries.


Denmark was the first country along with Sweden to recognize Finland's independence in 10 January 1918.[3] During Winter War, over 1,000 Danish volunteers came to help Finland.[4]

Country comparison[edit]

Embassy of Finland in Copenhagen
 Denmark  Finland
Population 5,704,000 5,585,000
Area 43,000 km2 338,424 km2
Population Density 131/km2 18/km2
Capital city Copenhagen Helsinki
Largest Cities Copenhagen - 579,513 (1,990,036 Metro)
Aarhus - 259,754 (324,330 Metro)
Odense - 172,512 (196,090 Metro)
Aalborg - 130,853 (197,426 Metro)
Esbjerg - 71,618 (114,244 Metro)
Helsinki – 621,863 (1,420,576 Metro)
Tampere - 223,035 (389,896 Metro)
Turku - 184,123 (318,168 Metro)
Oulu - 196,260 (241,106 Metro)
Jyväskylä - 135,762 (179,410 Metro)
Government Unitary parliamentary
constitutional monarchy
Parliamentary representative democratic republic
First Leader Gorm the Old (by convention) Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg
Current Leader Margrethe II (Monarch)
Lars Løkke Rasmussen (Prime Minister)
Sauli Niinistö (President)
Alexander Stubb (Prime Minister)
Main Language Danish Finnish and Swedish
Main Religions 79% Christian
16% Non-Religious
4% Other
76.5% Christian
22.1% Non-Religious
1.4% Other
GDP (nominal) US$3.367 $2.673 trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita US$59,921 $49,265
GDP (PPP) $240.9 trillion $218.3 trillion
GDP (PPP) per capita US$43,080 $40,045
Real GDP Growth Rate 0.1% -0.6%
Military Expenditure 1.41% of GDP 1.47% of GDP
Military Personnel 72,135 365,000
Labour Force 2,795,000 2,685,000
Mobile Phones 7,000,000 9,310,000


Denmark is Finland's 15th largest export country and the 10th biggest import-trading partner. Finland's exports to Denmark, as well as imports from that area have fluctuated each year, the trade balance, however, was in the 2000s, Finland deficit. In 2008, Finland's exports to Denmark increased. The value of exports to Denmark, was 1.380 billion euros and imports from Denmark was 1.453 billion euros.


In 2017, 113,000 Danes visited Finland, while 206,000 Finns visited Denmark.[5][6]

High-level visits[edit]

Former prime minister of Finland Matti Vanhanen visited Denmark on 12 October 2007. Lars Løkke Rasmussen, the Prime Minister of Denmark visited Finland on 10 February 2010 during the Baltic Sea summit.

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