Denmark–Ghana relations

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Denmark -Ghana relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and Ghana



Denmark– Ghana relations refers to the current and historical relations between Denmark and Ghana. Denmark has an embassy in Accra[1] and Ghana has an embassy in Copenhagen.[2] Relations date back to 1660, when Danes settled the Gold Coast.[3] Bilateral relations are described as warm and strong.[4] Denmark has assisted Ghana with development since 1958.[5]

In 2007, Danish export to Ghana amounted 108 million DKK, while Ghanaian export to Denmark amounted 210 million DKK.[5]

Development assistance[edit]

From 1958, Denmark assisted Ghana with development. The development assistance stopped in the end of the 1970s to 1983. Ghana was chosen as a Danish programme country in 1990.[5] Denmark assists Ghana with economic development, peace and stability, health, transport, support to the private sector and the fight against poverty.[6]

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