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Denmark - Mexico relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and Mexico



Denmark–Mexico relations refer to foreign relations between Denmark and Mexico. Both nations are members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the United Nations.


Treaty of Friendship, Trade and Navigation between Mexico and Denmark signed in 1827.

The first known Dane to visit Mexico was Brother Jacob the Dacian, a Danish prince who came to Mexico in 1542 and lived among the indigenous people in southern Mexico.[1] Diplomatic relations commenced in 1827 with a Treaty of Friendship, Trade and Navigation[2] and a commercial treaty based on the treaty Porfirio Díaz had signed with England.[3]

In 1864, Mexico named its first minister (ambassador) to Denmark.[4] Soon afterwards, an honorary consulate of Mexico was opened in Copenhagen under the Consulate-General of Mexico in Hamburg, and in March 1931 the first Mexican legation was opened in the Danish capital.[4] During World War II, Mexico closed its legation in Denmark (while Denmark maintained its diplomatic office in Mexico open). Soon after the end of the war, Mexico re-opened its legation in Copenhagen and in 1956, both countries elevated their diplomatic representations to that of embassies.[4]

Bilateral treaties[edit]

Denmark and Mexico have in place the following bilateral treaties:

  • Treaty between Mexico and Denmark of July 19, 1827, which stipulated that the products of any country other than Denmark might be carried to Mexico from any part of the world without paying higher duties than were charged on the same articles imported in the vessels of the most-favored nations.[5]
  • Agreement concerning the reciprocal protection of works by authors, composers and artists. Signed at Mexico City on 12 July 1954.[6]
  • Agreement on economic co-operation. Signed at Mexico City on 5 December 1980.[7]

State visits[edit]

In 2007 President Felipe Calderón made the first visit by a Mexican president to Denmark.[2][8] In 2005, Queen Margrethe II was scheduled to visit Mexico but the trip was delayed until 2008.[9][10][11] Queen Margrethe II as princess had first visited the country in 1966.[12]

Royal and Prime Ministerial visits from Denmark to Mexico[13][1][14][15]

Presidential visits from Mexico to Denmark


Embassy of Mexico in Copenhagen

Danish companies that have invested in Mexico include: Maersk, Grundfos, Lego, Danisco, Novo Nordisk, FLSmidth and Danfoss.[2][16][17] Grundfos and Palsgaard have their factories in San Luis Potosí.[11][18]

In 2005, Mexico sold Denmark goods and services worth $US 8 million dollars and they grew to $US 130 million by 2007. Denmark exports to Mexico grew from $US 71 million to $US 320 million from 2005 to 2007.[11] In 2016, two-way trade between both nations amounted to $737 million USD.[19]

Resident diplomatic missions[edit]

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