Denmark–Slovakia relations

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Danish-Slovak relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and Slovakia



Denmark – Slovakia relations refers to the current and historical relations between Denmark and Slovakia. Denmark has an embassy in Bratislava.[1] Slovakia has an embassy in Copenhagen.[2] The relations between Denmark and Slovakia are described as good and friendly.[3] Denmark has a trade office in Slovakia.[4] Both countries are full members of the European Union and NATO. On 4 September 2002, a Memorandum Of Understanding between the two countries, were signed.[5]


Trade are below average,[6] than the other Visegrád Group countries.[2][7] To develop the economic relations, a Commercial and Economic office was created in 1994.[2] In 1994, an environmental protection agreement was signed.[8] ECCO opened a production facility in 1998, in Slovakia.[9] Falck operated from 2006 in Slovakia, and opened 37 new fire stations.[10] Oxymat, has a headquarters in Slovakia.[11]

State visits[edit]

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen visited Slovakia in 2002, for a meeting with Slovak President Rudolf Schuster.[12]


10.000 Danes visited Slovakia in 2008.[13]


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