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Danish-South Korean relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and South Korea


South Korea
South Korean embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Denmark–South Korea relations refers to the current and historical relations between Denmark and South Korea. Denmark has an embassy in Seoul.[1] South Korea has an embassy in Copenhagen.[2] Diplomatic relations were established on 11 March 1959.[3]


Denmark-Korea Treaty of 1902[edit]

The Denmark-Korea Treaty of 1902 was negotiated between representatives of Denmark and the Empire of Korea.

In 1876, Korea established a trade treaty with Japan after Japanese ships approached Ganghwado and threatened to fire on the Korean capital city. Treaty negotiations with several Western countries were made possible by the completion of this initial Japanese overture.[4]

In 1882, the Americans concluded a treaty and established diplomatic relations,[5] which served as a template for subsequent negotiations with other Western powers.

Korean War[edit]

The air raid of 3.May 1945. Java is in front, Falstria in the middle, and Jutlandia at the rear.

When North Korean communist forces attacked South Korea on June 25, 1950, Denmark agreed to provide assistance to the UN and to give humanitarian support to the allied forces in South Korea. The decision was not uncomplicated: the mood between the superpowers were extremely tense, and Denmark had to find a way to support the UN without being aggressive. Almost instantly, medical supplies were made available, and after negotiations Denmark also agreed to send a hospital ship. In the fall of 1950, East Asiatic Company again agreed to place the ship at the disposal of the Danish Government, whilst it was en route to New York City.[6]

On January 23, 1951 she was sent to Korea. She sailed under 3 flags: Dannebrog, the Red Cross, and the UN flag. The day before the departure, she was visited by King Frederik and Queen Ingrid.

Denmark undertook the refitting of MS Jutlandia as a modern hospital ship, and consigned it to Korea. She had four operation theatres, four hospital departments with up to 356 beds, X-ray eye and dental clinics as well as laboratories, dispensary and special departments.[6]

The civilian status of Jutlandia was greatly emphasized. Like all other hospital ships, she was painted white with red crosses on the side, but opposed to the 1½ meter high green stripe painted along the side of the military hospital ships, Jutlandia had a red stripe. Danish Red Cross was manning, organizing and running the hospital. EAC[clarification needed] supplied the ship's crew. The state paid. As the hospital crew had to handle soldiers, everybody had military rank in spite of the fact that they were civilians.

High level visits[edit]

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen visited South Korea in 2006 and in October 2007, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark visited Seoul for the first time after the official diplomacy between both nations.[7] In 2009, 50-years of diplomatic relations between Denmark and South Korea was celebrated in both countries.[8] In March 2010, Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen visited South Korea.[9] On 11 May 2011, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak visited Denmark.[10]


South Korean exports to Denmark in 2009, was $479 million.[11]

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