Denmark–Taiwan relations

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Denmark–Taiwan relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and Taiwan


Diplomatic Mission
Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei Taipei Representative Office in Denmark

Denmark–Taiwan relations are foreign relations between Denmark and Taiwan. Denmark does not recognize Taiwan, but has a trade council in Taipei.[1] Taiwan has a Representative office in Copenhagen.[2] In 2005, both countries signed a tax treaty.[3]


On 9 January 1950, Denmark became one of the first European countries to recognize the People's Republic of China.[4] Denmark has never diplomatically recognized the Republic of China on Taiwan. Denmark has unofficial relations with Taiwan, but these were primarily related to trade, culture, science and economic affairs.[5]

Political relations[edit]

Chairwoman of Danish People's Party, Pia Kjaersgaard, said that the friendship of Taiwan in the Folketing would help understanding between Taiwan and Denmark. Danish People's Party supports Taiwan in the United Nations,[6] and also in the World Health Organization.[7]


In 1993, the trade between Denmark and Taiwan amounted $206,5 million.[8] The trade between Denmark and Taiwan has shown steady growth. From 2000 to 2005, it grew at the average annual growth rate of 15%, which makes Denmark Taiwan’s most promising trade partner in Europe. In 2006 trade between the countries set a new record, US$907.8 million.[9] Denmark's major imports from Taiwan are mobile phones, bicycles and computer related products. Taiwan's major imports from Denmark is wind turbines, machinery and medical instruments.[10] Danish companies in Taiwan are Bang & Olufsen, Danfoss, Lego and Maersk.[11]

Science and technology[edit]

The Danish Technical Research Council and Taiwan's National Science Council signed an agreement in 2001 on cooperative research projects.[12]


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