Denmark–Uganda relations

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Danish-Ugandan relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and Uganda



Denmark–Uganda relations are foreign relations between Denmark and Uganda. Denmark has an embassy in Kampala, and Uganda has an embassy in Copenhagen.[1][2] Diplomatic relations were established on 1 April 1968.[3] On 12 November 1971, Denmark and Uganda signed a treaty on a Danish Government loan to Uganda.[4] Bilateral relations between Denmark and Uganda are described as strong.[5]

After the signing of the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014, 50 million DKK a year of Danish subsidies were rerouted away from the Ugandan government and towards civil organizations, with plans to do the same for all 310 million.[6] [7] [8]


Uganda is a Danish programme country.[9] Denmark has assisted with improved water supply for the last 10 years.[10][when?]

Denmark supports good governance and human development. The assistance began in 2001.[9][11]


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