Denmark-Saudi Arabia relations

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Denmark–Saudia Arabia relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia

Denmark has an embassy in Riyadh, and Saudi Arabia has an embassy in Copenhagen.


In 2017, Denmark exported 7.22 billion DKK worth of goods and services to Saudi Arabia, and imported 1.13 billion DKK. This made Saudi Arabia Denmark's 22nd largest export market. The main exports were "miscellaneous foods" (1.7 billion DKK) and "medical and pharmaceutical products" (1.6 billion DKK).[1]


In January 2006, in the context of the Muhammed drawings controversy, Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador "because of the Danish government's lack of action towards insults against the prophet Muhammed in the newspapers of the country".[2] The ambassador returned in September of the same year.[3]

In November 2018, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it would suspend approvals for export of weapons to Saudi Arabia, in light of the latter's policies in Yemen, the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi and discussions among EU ministers of foreign affairs.[4]


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