Dennis Flores (activist)

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Dennis Flores
Dennis Flores on El Ciudadano TV.jpg
Flores in 2016

Dennis Flores is a Puerto Rican activist and "cop watcher" who works in New York City.[1]


Flores began filming the activities of the New York Police Department in 1995,[2] and has been arrested more than 70 times during this period.[1] According to the BBC, Flores's "use of video to expose police brutality has blazed a trail for the growing police accountability movement."[1] In 2002, Flores and a few others co-founded the activist group El Grito de Sunset Park, before filming police activities was common.[2] According to Flores, the organization was founded with a $270,000 settlement he received after the police attacked him in 2002.[3] The group's activities include organizing an art festival; advocating against gentrification; and photographing police activities.[4]

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