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Dennis Hennig (28 February 1951 – 17 January 1993) was an Australian pianist.


At an early stage of his career he was one of the Australian Ballet's rehearsal class pianists, and later performed live music for ballet performances such as Signatures, An Evening, Seven Deadly Sins and Nearly Beloved.[1] He also taught at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.[2]

Ross Edwards dedicated his Piano Concerto (1982) to Hennig,[3] who was soloist at the premiere performance in 1983 with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra under Werner Andreas Albert.[4] He also recorded the work with the QSO under Myer Fredman.[5] He made numerous other recordings, and at his death he was engaged on a project to record all of Cyril Scott's piano works, but he had completed only 2 CDs. He wrote on the music of Charles-Valentin Alkan.[6]

He played the piano for the music for Jane Campion's first film Two Friends.[7]

Dennis Hennig died of an AIDS-related condition[8] in early 1993, aged 41. A medal in his memory is presented at the Sydney International Piano Competition.[9]


His recordings include: