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Moomin World
Muumitalo 3.jpg
Naantali, Finland, Moomin Houses in Moomin World
Location Naantali, Finland
Opened 1993 (1993)

Moomin World (Finnish: Muumimaailma, Swedish: Muminvärlden) is the Moomin Theme Park especially for children, based on the Moomin books by Tove Jansson. Moomin World, created by Dennis Livson,[1] is on the island of Kailo beside the old town of Naantali, near the city of Turku in Southwest Finland region.

The blueberry-coloured Moomin House is the main attraction. Tourists are allowed to freely visit all five storeys. Hemulen's yellow house is located next to the Moomin House. It is also possible to see Moominmamma's Kitchen, Fire Station, Snufkin's Camp, Moominpappa's boat, etc. in Moomin World. Visitors may meet Moomin characters there or the Witch in her cottage.

Moomin World isn't a traditional amusement park, as it does not have rides. There are many activities and fantasy paths for children there including Toffle's Path with Witch's Labyrinth, The Hattifatteners' Cave and The Groke's House. There are also performances in the covered outdoor Moomin Theatre Emma.

Moomin World is open daily from mid-June to mid-August. The nearby Väski Adventure Island[2] is also a place to visit with attractions and activities for primary school children and adults as well.

Metsä in Japan is a Moomin theme park outside Finland. Metsä, or 'forest' in the Finnish language, was initially planned to start operation in 2015 for the 100th birth year of Tove Jansson,[3] and on June 30, 2015, it is announced to open as early as 2017.[4] Situated in Hanno city, northwest of Tokyo, the site will include a Moomin zone for attractions, and a free public zone or a park area. Construction site is purchased on hills along the Miyazawa reservoir.


Moomin World is the world's fourth best theme park for children according to The Independent on Sunday (October 2005). Moomin World was elected as the domestic travel destination of 2005 (Matkamessut, Finnish Travel Fair 2006). Moomin World got the Golden Pony Award 2007 by The Games & Parks Industry magazine. The jury said: "Moomin World is welcoming, well themed and full of educational content."


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