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Dennis Loline
Dennis loline I alton.JPG
AssemblyGuildford, England
Body and chassis
Floor typeStep entrance
EngineAEC AV470
Leyland O.600
Gardner 6LW
Gardner 6LX
Length8.5m to 9.4m

The Dennis Loline was a low-height double-decker bus manufactured by Dennis between 1958 and 1966.


Preserved City of Oxford Motor Services Loline II

The Dennis Loline was basically a license-built Bristol Lodekka, being primarily supplied to municipal, private sector BET fleets and independent bus companies in the United Kingdom, during a period when Bristol's bus sales were restricted to state-owned bus companies.[1][2]

Production was to cease in 1962, however this was quickly reversed and it continued to be made until 1966.[3][4][5]

Three versions of the Dennis Loline were built: the Loline with rear entrance, Loline II with front entrance and the later Loline III with a revised front grille in front of the radiator and a different clutch and constant mesh gearbox.[6][7][8][9]

Aldershot & District Traction operated the largest number of Dennis Loline buses.[citation needed]

China Motor Bus in Hong Kong put one Dennis Loline into service in 1963. It was the first double-decker bus on Hong Kong Island.[citation needed]


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