Dennis the Menace (video game)

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mr Dennis the Menace
Dennis the Menace Coverart.png
Super NES cover art
Developer(s)Ocean Software
Publisher(s)Ocean Software
SeriesDennis the Menace
Game Boy
Super NES
  • NA: December, 1993
Game Boy[1]
Genre(s)2D Platformer, action

Dennis the Menace (known as Dennis in Europe) is a multiplatform video game based on the 1993 film of the same name. The object in all versions of the game is to defeat a burglar who managed to find Dennis' town via the local railroad connection. Stages include Mr. Wilson's house, the great outdoors, a boiler room, and eventually the big boss battle with the burglar himself.


Dennis Mitchell has to rescue his friends Joey and Margaret, along with Mr. Wilson's coin collection, from the burglar Switchblade Sam.


Controlling Dennis Mitchell, the player has to go through four stages, collecting five large coins in each one. If the player manages to find both of Dennis's friends along with Mr. Wilson's entire coin collection, he will have won the game.

Health is represented by hearts. If Dennis is touched by an enemy, one heart will disappear, and Dennis is temporarily stunned. Once all of the hearts are gone, the player must restart the level (but retains all main coins found). Pieces of candy located throughout the levels fully restore Dennis' health when collected.

The player has 999 seconds (16.7 minutes) to complete each stage. If time runs out, there is an immediate game over, which completely eradicates all work done on a level. The clock is not reset when Dennis loses a life.


Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the Super NES version a 5.6 out of 10, remarking that "the game is somewhat unappealing, with a main character that just doesn't come to life."[3]


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