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Denny Island is an island on the Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada, just east of the community of Bella Bella, aka Waglisla, on Campbell Island. Denny Island is the location of Old Bella Bella, now mainly abandoned but home to Canadian Coast Guard and Fisheries & Oceans bases, and the locality of Shearwater, home to Shearwater Marine. Denny Island has a population of 138.[1][2]

Name origin[edit]

Also Denny Rock, Queen Charlotte Sound. Named c1866 by Captain Pender, after Lieutenant D'Arcy Anthony Denny, commander on this station 1866-68, HM gunboat Forward, being succeeded in June of the latter year by Lieutenant T.H. Larcom. (Victoria Colonist, 16 June 1868). Entered the service, 1850; lieutenant, 1858; commanding paddle gunboat Coromandel, China, 1864; commander, 1868; served on SE coast of South America in command of gun vessel Dart, 1872-76; appointed to the Coast Guard service on his return to England, 1876, where he remained until his death in 1883.

— John T. Walbran, British Columbia Coast Names, 1592-1906: their origin and history[3]

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