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Denny Jiosa
Photo Nicolas Jiosa
Background information
Born Huntington, Indiana, U.S.
Genres Jazz, Blues

Denny Jiosa is a United States jazz/blues guitarist/composer who has received four Grammy nominations for his recording engineering work.[1]

Jiosa was born in Huntington, Indiana. He began playing guitar at the age of 7[2] and later toured with bands such as Troy Shondell's, before moving to Los Angeles and taking lessons from Frank Gambale.[2]

Jiosa now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. His most popular single, "Lights of the City," garnered a SESAC national airplay award.[citation needed] He released his sixth contemporary jazz CD, Dreams Like This, in 2008, with his earlier albums being body2body,Among Friends, Jazzberry Pie, Moving Pictures and Inner Voices.[1]

Jiosa has worked on four Grammy nominated projects both as a guitarist and engineer/producer: three while working with Yolanda Adams and one for Polka great, LynnMarie.


Moving Pictures (1995)[edit]

1. Evening Drive
2. Per Mi Amore
3. Cruising For Bruising
4. Moving Pictures
5. Greta Got A New Dress
6. Miles To Monaco
7. April's Foolish Day
8. All My Love
9. I'll Take You There
10. Aarau
11. Friends

Label: Blue Orchid Musicians: Denny Jiosa (Guitar, Programming, Producer, Main Performer, Engineer, Vocals); Chris Kent (Bass); Jay Lowder (Bass); David Hungate (Bass); Anthony Harmon (Bass); Matt Pierson (Bass); Rick Malkin (Percussion); Eric Darken (Percussion); Chester Thompson (Drums); Rick Simenson (Drums); Quinjuan Anderson (Drums); Jerry Tachoir (Vibraphone); David Hoffner (Piano, Keyboards); Rachel Sumner (Vocals); Hollie Farris (Trumpet)

Inner Voices (1996)[edit]

1. Groovinonymous
2. Angel's Kiss
3. A Walk In The Park
4. Lights Of The City
5. Time In Times Square
6. Always With You
7. Inner Voices
8. What About Blue
9. Tears Of Mercy
10. Selah
11. The Last Goodbye

Label: Blue Orchid Musicians: Denny Jiosa (Guitar, Vocals, Engineer, Main Performer, Producer, Mixing, Programming); Ann McCrary (Vocals); Wanda Watkins (Vocals); Cedric Sesley (Vocals); Armirris Palmore (Vocals); Rodney Covington (Vocals); Juanita Edwards (Vocals); Hollie Farris (Trumpet); Pat Coil (Piano, Keyboards); Chester Thompson (Drums); Eric Darken (Percussion); Chris Kent (Bass); Mark Douthit Saxophone

Jazzberry Pie (1998)[edit]

1. Old Money
2. 57 Pearl Street
3. Vertigo
4. Nine Weeks
5. Jazzberry Pie
6. Chain Reaction
7. The Promise
8. Steppin On My Shadow
9. Takin The Backroads
10. In Your Presence
11. Forever Yours

Label: Blue Orchid Musicians: Denny Jiosa (Guitar, Engineer, Main Performer, Mixing, Producer, Programming); Eric Darken (Percussion); Alex Poston (Vibraphone); Jim White (Drums); Hollie Farris (Keyboards, Trumpet [Muted]); Chris Kent (Bass); Tom Reynolds (Keyboards)

Among Friends (1999)[edit]

1. Y2Gruv
2. Nic Of Time
3. Lisa
4. Gottatude
5. I Only Have Eyes For You
6. Among Friends
7. Spider Dance
8. Tacotuesday
9. Cahmdadaddy
10. Gentle Spirit
11. Who I Am /Bonus Track

Label: 1201 Music Musicians: Denny Jiosa (Guitar, Producer, Engineer, Main Performer, Vocal Programming, Mixing, Programming); Chester Thompson (Drums); Harlan Rogers (Piano, Keyboards); Hollie Farris (Flugelhorn); Chris Kent (Bass); Kirk Whalum (Saxophone);Glen Caruba (Percussion); Chester Thompson (Drums)

Body2Body (2002)[edit]

1. Body2Body
2. Cool Shoes
3. Il Dolce Per Due (Dessert For 2)
4. Europa
5. Dreaming In Blue
6. Peace In Manhattan
7. You're Like Chocolate To Me
8. Into The Storm
9. Them Changes
10. Europa (Remix)

Label: 1201 Music Musicians: Denny Jiosa (Guitar, Vocals, Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Programming); Chuck Yamek (Guitar [Rhythm]); Roger Spencer (Bass [Electric], Bass [Upright]); Chris Kent (Bass); Pat Coil (Keyboards); Bob Mater (Drums); Chester Thompson (Drums); Jeffery Scot Wills (Saxophone); Hollie Farris (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Chris Dunn (Trombone)

Dreams Like This (2008)[edit]

  1. Chill Pill
  2. Forward Motion
  3. Sunny (feat.Bobby Hebb)
  4. Embracing the Fire
  5. Midnight at the Wall<
  6. Mysteriosa
  7. Just the Thought of You
  8. Wounded Warriors
  9. I am Roxane
  10. In the Minds Eye
  11. Dreams Like This
  12. Tranquillo
  13. The Glass Halfull
  14. East of Montgomery

LABEL: SONIC CANVAS RECORDS Musicians: Denny Jiosa; Chester Thompson; Chris Kent; Glen Caruba; Pat Coil; Dan Moretti.


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