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Density and dense usually refer to a measure of how much of some entity is within a fixed amount of space. Types of density include:

In physics, density of mass:

  • Density, mass per unit volume
    • The Planck density, the derived unit of density in the Planck unit system (1 Planck mass divided by 1 Planck volume)
  • Area density or surface density, mass over a (two-dimensional) area
  • Linear density, mass over a (one-dimensional) line
  • Bulk density, mass of many particles of a particulate solid or a powder divided by the total volume they occupy
  • Particle density or true density, density of the particles that make up a particulate solid or a powder
  • Relative density or specific gravity, a measure of density in comparison to the density of something else

In physics, densities of entities other than mass:

In mathematics:

In other scientific fields:

Density can also refer to:

  • Spiritual density, levels of spiritual evolution, planes of existence or "dimensions" in The Law of One
  • Stupidity, a stupid person is sometimes referred to as being "dense"

In Arts:

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