Dental Technologists Association

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Dental Technologists Association
DTA logo.gif
Abbreviation DTA
Established 1989
Type professional association
Headquarters F13a Kestrel Court, Waterwells Drive, Waterwells Business Park, Gloucester, GL2 2AT
Membership (2016)
James Green
Deputy President
Delroy Reeves
Tony Griffin MBE
Chief Executive
Sue Adams

The Dental Technologists Association (DTA) is the professional body representing dental technicians in the United Kingdom.


The association began life as the Dental Technicians Education and Training Advisory Board (DTETAB) and was established by the General Dental Council (GDC). The remit of DTETAB was to review and make recommendations about the education and training of dental technicians, the suitability of that training and how it would fit with the demands of providing dental services. The other main role for DTETAB was maintaining a Voluntary Register of Dental Technicians, which served as the precursor to the GDC statutory register. The inaugural meeting of the Board took place in January 1986 and was chaired by Margaret Seward (later Dame Margaret Seward). The GDC was only actively involved for the first three years and DTETAB became an independent professional body in 1989 with Colin Lee, a dental technician and laboratory owner from north west England, as chairman. Ray Cox was appointed as registrar and served until his retirement in 1992 when he was succeeded by Sue Adams.

Anticipating a slightly different role post statutory registration, DTETAB became the Dental Technicians Association in 2002. The final name change came in 2006 when the association became the Dental Technologists Association.


The headquarters of the DTA is based at F13a Kestrel Court, Waterwells Drive, Waterwells Business Park, Gloucester GL2 2AT. The Chief Executive of the association is Sue Adams, who is responsible for the office, administration and support to the council and provides the first point of contact for members.


The DTA council is the governing body of the association. James Green is president, Delroy Reeves is deputy president and former president Tony Griffin is treasurer. Other council members include immediate past president Mike McGlynn, past president John Stacey as well as Gregg Clutton, Andrea Johnson, Nargisa Rikena, Gerrard Starnes, Jack Thurkettle and Magda Zarnowiecka. Student representatives are Jelena Greb and Chris Keating.

Chairs of the Dental Technicians Education and Training Advisory Board[edit]

Took office Left office Chairman
1 1989 1993 Colin Lee MBE
2 1993 1994 Terry Foad
3 1994 1996 Brian Gordon
4 1996 1998 Ian MacLeod MBE
5 1998 2002 Tony Griffin MBE

Presidents of the Dental Technologists Association[edit]

Took office Left office President
1 2002 2004 Tony Griffin MBE
2 2004 2005 Ian MacLeod MBE
3 2005 2007 Tony Griffin MBE
4 2007 2009 Paul Mallett
5 2009 2010 Stephen Wears
6 2010 2012 John Stacey
7 2012 2014 Barry Appleby
8 2014 2016 Mike McGlynn
9 2016 - James Green


The objectives of the DTA are:

  • To provide an organisation to support the development of the dental technology profession.
  • To encourage and promote education, including continuing professional development (CPD), for dental technicians.
  • To forge links with other bodies and organisations for the benefit of dental technicians and patients.
  • To promote DTA views to government, relevant groups, service providers and the public.
  • To adopt and share best practice enabling dental technology to take a wider participative role in the oral healthcare.
  • To be the forward thinking organisation that advises, develops and supports individual dental technicians.
  • To endeavour to support dental technician members and provide benefits and career opportunities.
  • To maintain and develop the 'job title' and 'function' of dental technicians.
  • To develop and maintain links with other dental technology and Dental Care Professional (DCP) groups as appropriate.
  • To negotiate with appropriate groups on behalf of dental technicians.[citation needed]

DTA Fellowships[edit]

Fellowship of the DTA is awarded for outstanding contribution to dental technology. Recipients should have maintained the dignity of the dental technology profession over a period of time, striven to enhance the recognition, evidence and education of dental technology and have the majority support of the DTA Council. Fellows are entitled to the postnominal FDTA.


Year Recipient
2007 Tony Griffin MBE
2008 Dame Margaret Seward
2009 Brian Gordon
2009 John Goodman
2010 Simon Butler
2010 Ian MacLeod MBE
2011 Peter Davey
2014 David Smith
2014 John Stacey
2015 Larry Browne
2015 Chris Maryan
2015 Tony Reed
2016 Paul Mallett
2016 Professor Robert Williams


The Technologist[edit]

The Technologist is the official DTA journal. Published bimonthly, The Technologist aims to raise awareness, educate, engage and showcase information, products and services relevant to members. The journal is edited by Vikki Harper.


Articulate is a bimonthly electronic newsletter and distributed to all DTA members. This publication is edited by Ian Simpson.

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