Denton Confederate Soldier Monument

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Denton Confederate Soldier Monument
CSA monument, Denton, Texas.jpeg
The monument c. 2000
Completion date1918
LocationDenton, Texas, United States

The Denton Confederate Soldier Monument is an outdoor Confederate memorial installed downtown Denton, Texas, in the United States.[1]

Description and history[edit]

The monument was funded and erected in 1918 by the Katie Daffan Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.[2] The statue depicts an armed Confederate soldier standing on an arch with the inscription, "Our Confederate Soldiers".

The monument was named a Texas Historic Landmark in 1970, a National Historic Registry landmark in 1977, and a Texas State Archeological Landmark in 1981.[3][4]

The monument was vandalized with the words "This Is Racist" in 2015.[5] One local resident, Willie Hudspeth, had been working to remove the memorial since 2000.[6] On February 1, 2018, Denton County leaders voted 12–3 to keep the statue but add a plaque denouncing slavery and a video kiosk explaining the city's racial history and progress.[7]

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