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Developer(s) Henry Schein
Stable release Dentrix G6
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Practice Management Software
License Proprietary

Dentrix was the first dental practice management software for Microsoft Windows when it was launched in 1989 by Dentrix Dental Systems. Dentrix Dental Systems was founded by Larry M. Gibson in 1985 and is based in American Fork, Utah. Mr. Gibson's vision of Dentrix was to become a comprehensive, integrated system which would combine all the functions a dental practice would need, including the capability to integrate future technologies. The Dentrix dental practice management system was designed to automate as many of the functions within the dental office as possible, to enable dentists to focus on their specialty - practicing dentistry. In 1997, Henry Schein, Inc. purchased Dentrix Dental Systems, which became Henry Schein Practice Solutions or HSPS and has continued to develop and release new versions and products since.


Acquired by Henry Schein Inc. in 1997, HSPS retained control of its operations, but gained the financial security to continue its commitment to serving the needs of the dental community.

Dentrix at one point provided their own digital imaging software, Dentrix Image. In 2007, the Dentrix Image product was sold to DEXIS, LLC.[1]

Product features[edit]

Dentrix products include practice management software for dental offices, imaging software, patient education software, computer-based training software, voice recognition software, and other products designed to enhance the dental office experience.

The current Dentrix release, G6, uses a c-treeACE SQL database. Earlier versions of Dentrix use a c-tree database system with theoretical limit of 29 workstations. The Enterprise version (DXOne) uses a Microsoft SQL database and can support many workstations and/or multiple office locations. Dentrix allows integration with many different dental imaging software packages through use of proprietary software bridges (sold as "DTXLink") DEXIS imaging software bridges via a link sold through DEXIS (DEXIS Integrator). Images and documents are all stored in a proprietary format.

Dentrix G6 is designed to work as a platform that will allow third-party developers to write applications that are compatible with the software. The integrated applications are sold on Dentrix Marketplace online store as easy to download apps, similar to Apple’s Appstore, allowing dental offices to customize their practices.

Dentrix awards[edit]

Dentaltown 2012 Townie Choice Awards chose Dentrix as winners of three major categories: the best practice management software,[2] the best periodontal charting[3] and Dentrix Mobile for the best practice management enhancement.[4] As of January 2016, Dentrix has won the Townie Choice Award for best practice management software category every year in a row, starting in 2003.[5]

Dental Product Shopper's 2010 Recommended Product for the Dentrix G4 PowerPay LE Credit Card processing.[6]

Dentrix vulnerabilities[edit]

When Dentrix G5 was released to market, the client and server was vulnerable to packet sniffing. If someone finds the password to their site, then they would know the password to all sites. This was fixed in G5 PP1 HotFix 1. Now the password is randomly generated.[7]

Dentrix G6 uses Data Camouflage. From US-CERT.GOV, "Faircom c-treeACE provides a weak obfuscation algorithm (CWE-327) that may be unobfuscated without knowledge of a key or password. The algorithm was formerly called Faircom Standard Encryption but is now called Data Camouflage."[8]

Dentrix G6 uses Hard Coded Credentials.[9]

Federal Trade Commission Fine[edit]

Henry Schein Practice Solutions, Inc. (“Schein”), the provider of leading office management software for dental practices, will pay $250,000 to settle Federal Trade Commission charges it falsely advertised the level of encryption it provided to protect patient data. [10]


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