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Non-autonomous District
Korean transcription(s)
 • Hanja
 • Revised Romanization Deogyang-gu
 • McCune-Reischauer Tŏgyang-gu
Map of Gyeonggi highlighting Deogyang-gu.
Map of Gyeonggi highlighting Deogyang-gu.
Country South Korea
Region Sudogwon (Gijeon)
Province Gyeonggi
City Goyang
Administrative divisions 9 (Dong)
 • Total 165.53 km2 (63.91 sq mi)
 • Total 376,290
 • Dialect Seoul
Website Deogyang-gu Office

Deogyang-gu is a ward in Goyang, South Korea. It is noticeably less affluent than the other two wards in Goyang.


Deogyang-gu is divided into 19 dong (동, "neighborhoods"):

  • Jugyo-dong
  • Seongsa 1 and 2 dong
  • Wonsin-dong (combination from Wondang-dong and Sinwon-dong)
  • Heungdo-dong (combination from Wonheung-dong and Donae-dong)
  • Sindo-dong (divided into Samsong-dong and Ogeum-dong)
  • Changneung-dong (divided into Dongsan-dong and Yongdu-dong)
  • Hyoja-dong (divided into Hyoja-dong, Jichuk-dong and Bukhan-dong)
  • Hwajeon-dong (divided into Hwajeon-dong, Deogeun-dong and Hyangdong-dong)
  • Daedeok-dong (contain Hyeoncheon-dong)
  • Haengsin 1 to 3 dong (Haengsin 2-dong [Gangmae-dong])
  • Haengju-dong (divided into Haengjunae-dong, Haengjuoe-dong, Todang-dong and Daejang-dong)
  • Neunggok-dong (divided into Naegok-dong and Sinpyeong-dong)
  • Hwajeong 1 and 2 dong
  • Gwansan-dong (divided into Gwansan-dong and Naeyu-dong)
  • Goyang-dong (divided into Goyang-dong, Byeokje-dong, Daeja-dong and Seonyu-dong )

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