Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration (Italy)

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Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration
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Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Italy
Agency executives
Parent department Ministry of Interior (Italy)

The Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration (Italian: Dipartimento per le Libertà civili e l'Immigrazione) is a department of the Italian Ministry of Interior, with its headquarters in Rome, where the main Ministry of Interior offices are located, at the Palazzo del Viminale. As of 12 December 2016, the minister responsible is Marco Minniti.


The offices, divisions, and departments of the Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration are as follows:

  • Central Directorate of Immigration and Asylum Policy (Direzione centrale per le politiche dell'Immigrazione e dell'Asilo)
  • Central Directorate of Civil Services for Immigration and Asylum (Direzione centrale dei Servizi civili per l'Immigrazione e l'Asilo)
  • Central Office for Civil Rights, Citizenship, and Minorities (Direzione centrale per i Diritti civili, la Cittadinanza e le Minoranze)
  • Central Directorate of Religious Affairs (Direzione centrale degli Affari dei culti)
  • Central Directorate for the Administration of Funding for Places of Worship (Direzione centrale per l'amministrazione del Fondo edifici di culto)