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Department of English Studies of Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatyuk National Pedagogical University was established in August 1993, simultaneously with the establishment of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Department staff provides education to the theoretical subjects for bachelors and masters in the field Philology

History of the Department[edit]

Department of English Studies was established in August 1993, simultaneously with the establishment of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. For 17 years, the department has trained teachers around 1,500 graduates, including - employees of the same department (teachers whiter TI Khrushch LM, Hood, NS, Shpenik NM, MZ Martsiyash, Dovbusha AI, Boretskaya AU, candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Kozub LS ). Today the department has 13 full-time employees, including 1 doctor of sciences ( marine LI ), two candidates of science ( Valigura OR, Kozub LS) in the department often work as Peace Corps volunteers .


The Faculty The Department provides the following disciplines:

Department staff provides education to the theoretical subjects for bachelors and masters in the field Philology : English Language and Literature (with a history of language, lexicology, grammar, theoretical, theoretical phonetics, stylistics, textual interpretation, theory and practice of translation, comparative typology Ukrainian and English, geography and cultural studies, literature of England and the U.S., new technologies in teaching foreign languages), as well as numerous specialized courses to choose from ), exchange rate management, bachelor or master's thesis research of graduate students.

Under the supervision of the department are active areas of basic sciences group in which students can acquire a deeper expertise according to their thematic interests.

About the Department[edit]

One of the priorities of the department - the scientific work. The department has a permanent Scientific Seminar in sittings which are all employees of the department, the team conducted faculty workshops, which involve leading experts in the field of linguistics and language teaching methodology ( both domestic and foreign) .

The team works hard on the implementation of research on collective subjects ' cognitive and communicative aspects of the study of English language and her functioning in speech " (led Valigura ER ) and " Theoretical and methodological aspects of becoming a professional and language training specialist humanities " (led by Marine LI ). The result of this work over the past 3 years were 4 books, over 80 scientific articles and more than 20 educational textbooks labeled MES of Ukraine, more than 50 units a scientific and educational products). In addition, the scientific work of the department seeks to attract students to this type of training activities, successful achievement of which is the first place students ( Vdovych O., S. Kachkovs'ky ) on Ukrainian competition of student research papers (2007 and 2008 respectively), multiple victories and prizes medals for their participation in the Contest of the highest rank to the best knowledge of the English language.

The department is proud of its graduates from different years of study, who were highly qualified teachers as walls of native university and other institutions of higher and secondary educational institutions in the city, region, country and outside Ukraine (in Germany - Gavrilova Yu Yu Atamanyuk, UK - Konstantinov K., Theon, N., Nida N. et al. ). Employees of the department have been repeatedly praised by state grants and cash prizes. Yes, Marine LI was a Fellow of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2007 2009 years) and the Supreme Council of Ukraine ( 2009).

The department is always looking for new forms and methods of teaching in higher education with the use of audio and video resources leading publishers and educational centers of the world ( Oxford, Cambridge, etc.) liaises with the relevant departments of universities in Ukraine and the world ( Vancouver, Canada, Kyoto, Japan, USA, Olsztyn, Poland et al. ). In the future it is planned geographical expansion of international cooperation and setting permanent contacts with new foreign partners to enhance educational exchange programs for students and professional training of teachers .

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