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University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore
UVAS Lahore.jpg
Type Public
Established 1882 (1882)
Chancellor Governor of Punjab
Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha[1]
Registrar Dr. Muhammad Afzal[2]
Students ~6,200+
Location Lahore, Punjab, PakistanPakistan
Campus Urban
Colours Crimson, White, RYB            
Nickname UVAS
Affiliations HEC

The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore (initials:UVAS), is a public research university located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.[3] It has additional teaching campuses in rural areas of Punjab, Pattoki and Jhang.[4]

Established in 1882, it is one of the oldest institution of veterinary sciences and microbiology in Asia and is one of the institution founded by the Great Britain.[5] Since its inception, it maintained its reoccupation as one of the famous and renown institution Veterinary and animal sciences, and conducts wide range of research in microbiology and development of human resources.It was also affiliated with University Of Agriculture, Faisalabad for some years and then become a distinct entity. The university offers undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral programmes in diverse fields of animals health, food irradiation, security and safety.[5] The university maintains its highest ranks and regarded as one of the top university in "agriculture" category by the HEC, as of 2010.[6] 'New Campus/ Ravi Campus Pattoki' In June 2002 on the up gradation of the college of veterinary sciences to the status of the University, Punjab Government allotted about 1000 Acres at Pattoki for the establishment of the sub campus for the education and research work activities. This is named as Ravi Campus, Pattoki. Following degree programs are being offered at this campus:- Under Graduate Programs BS (Hons) Dairy Technology BS (Hons) Poultry Sciences BS (Hons) Fisheries & Aquaculture/ Applied Zoology Post Graduate Programs M.Phil Dairy Technology & Animal Nutrition Ph.D Live stock Management Fiseries & Aquaculture Poultry Sciences Animal Breeding and Genetics Diplomas Live Stock Assistant Diploma (2 year Morning & Evening Program) Poultry Assistant Diploma (2 year Program) Aim/Vision/Objectives To impart quality education with rich opportunities of Hands on Training & research. Development of about 1000 acres of land taken over from Government of Punjab. Preparation of land for cultivation of fodder for experimental animals Production of fodder for University farms (Dairy & Small Ruminants) Sowing of fodder cash crops etc. for income generation

Commercialization of research and expertise from the university also plays and generates significant economic growth and business opportunities in Pakistan, as many recommendation by university's think tanks are adopted by the government.[1] The university's own programme is focused towards building efforts on poverty reduction, prosperity, livestock production and building a generation of trained manpower in the country.[7]

Faculties/institutes/centers/constituent college[edit]

  • Faculty of Veterinary Science,
  • Faculty of Bio sciences Science,
  • Faculty of Animal Production & Technology,
  • Department of Dairy Technology, (Philosopher Aziz a famous student of UVAS and Dairy Technology.)
  • Dairy Training & Research Center Ravi Campus Pattoki.
  • Department of Meat Technology
  • Faculty of Fisheries & Wildlife,
  • Faculty of Life Sciences Business Management,
  • Institute of Continuing Education & Extension,
  • Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
  • Institute of Biochemistry & Biotechnology,
  • Internationally Accredited University Diagnostic Lab (over ISO 17025)
  • Internationally Accredited Quality Operations Lab (over ISO 17025)
  • Bioequivalence Study (BeSt) Center
  • Pet Center
  • Information Technology center
  • College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Jhang
  • Business Incubation Center

The University offers following undergraduate degree programs.

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) (5 Year)
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) (5 Year)
  • Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics (DND) (5 Year)
  • BS (Hons.) Dairy Technology at Ravi Campus Pattoki
  • BS (Hons.) Poultry Science at Ravi Campus Pattoki
  • BS (Hons.) Zoology at Ravi Campus Pattoki
  • BS (Hons.) Biotechnology
  • BS (Hons.) Biochemistry
  • BS (Hons.) Applied Microbiology
  • BS (Hons.) Environmental Sciences
  • BS (Hons.) Biological Sciences
  • BS (Hons.) Food Science and Technology
  • BBA (Hons)

The University offers following Master level degree programs.

  • MBA (Executive)(Evening) (2 Year)
  • MBA Life Sciences (3.5 Year)
  • MBA Banking & Finance (3.5 Year)
  • M.Sc Zoology (2 Year)
  • M.Sc Biochemistry (2 Year)
  • M.Sc Biological Sciences (2 Year)

The following Postgraduate degree programs (M.Phil & Ph.D) are offered in different disciplines. The number of students has increased from 650 in 2003 to 4000 in 2011.

M.Phil (23 Disciplines)

1. Microbiology 2. Pathology 3. Parasitology 4. Threiongenology 5. Clinical Medicine and Surgery (Medicine) 6. Clinical Medicine and Surgery (Surgery) 7. Epidemiology and Public Health 8. Food and Nutrition (Animal Nutrition) 9. Food and Nutrition (Human Nutrition) 10. Poultry Production 11. Livestock Production (Animal Breeding and Genetics) 12. Livestock Production (Livestock Management) 13. Dairy Technology 14. Pharmacology 15. Physiology 16. Anatomy and Histology 17. Wildlife and Ecology 18. Fisheries and Aquaculture 19. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 20. Biochemistry 21. Forensic Sciences 22. Bioinformatics 23. Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ph.D (20 Disciplines)

1. Microbiology 2. Pathology 3. Parasitology 4. Threiongenology 5. Clinical Medicine and Surgery (Medicine) 6. Epidemiology and Public Health 7. Food and Nutrition (Animal Nutrition) 8. Food and Nutrition (Human Nutrition) 9. Poultry Production 10. Livestock Production (Animal Breeding and Genetics) 11. Livestock Production (Livestock Management) 12. Dairy Technology 13. Pharmacology 14. Physiology 15. Anatomy and Histology 16. Wildlife and Ecology 17. Fisheries and Aquaculture 18. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 19. Biochemistry 20. Bioinformatics

Institute of Continuing Education and Extension

The Institute of Continuing Education and Extension that was established in July 2002 with the main objective to uplift the rural farming community and contribute to national economic development. To achieve the goal, the institute has been offering diploma/certificate courses and vocational educational programs in livestock, poultry, dairy, fisheries, wildlife, etc. The subject specialists of this institute are also providing extension services to farmers at their doorsteps. This institute has trained thousands of farmers, para-vets and veterinarians in different disciplines of livestock production and management.

The Institute is offering following Diploma courses

  1. Livestock Assistant Diploma (LAD)
  2. Poultry Assistant Diploma (PAD)
  3. Dairy Herd Supervisor Diploma (DHSD)
  4. Training of Community Livestock Extension Workers

Sub-campus UVAS, Lahore[edit]

The College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (CVAS) Jhang is a sub-campus of the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore. This college (sub-campus) was established in 2006 at historical city of Punjab "Jhang". A 75-acre area was transferred to CVAS located at 8 km on Jhang- Chaniot road near to Chenab College, Jhang. Since the release of Budget from the Provincial Government, the construction is going on at the site including the academic complex, boys and girls hostels, and residences for employees. The College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Jhang has been provisionally accredited by Pakistan Veterinary & Medical Council (PVMC).[citation needed]

The founder Principal of the college was Prof. (Retd)Dr. Ashiq Hussain Cheema, a Veterinary Pathologist. While the current principal is Prof. Dr. Muhammad Younus Rana, a pathologist. A piece of 100-acre land was transferred to CVAS on 13-02-2007 for its permanent campus located at 12 km on Jhang-Cheniot road close to Chenab College. Prof. Dr. M. Younus Rana has struggled a lot with full dedication and spirit for the release of budget as well as developmental, administrative and academic activities of the institution after taking over the charge of the principal.

Currently, 3 undergraduate programs including one diploma course are being taught in addition to M.Phil. programs. Undergraduate programs are;

  1. DVM
  2. BS Hons. Applied Microbiology
  3. LAD

Postgraduate program (M.Phil.) in;

  1. Microbiology
  2. Pathology
  3. CMS
  4. Parasitology
  5. Epidemiology and public health

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