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Department of Petroleum Resource (DPR) is a department under the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources (FMPR), saddled with the responsibility of exploration and importation of Petroleum products. It also oversees the safety and other regulations that relate to the exportation and importation of the products into the country.[1] As part of its activities, the department manages the up and downstream in Nigeria petroleum industry.[2] The Federal Government of Nigeria introduces National Production Monitoring Systems (NIPMS) to monitor the royalty payables and demand notices from all organizations dealing in petroleum in Nigeria.[3] The department is headed by The Director of Petroleum Resources,being the head of the management. Currently (2016), Mr. Mordecai Ladan is the director at DPR.[4] The DPR is responsible to the FMPR [5]


DPR started as Hydrocarbon section under the Ministry of Lagos Affairs, with direct supervision from the Governor-General. In 1970, the name DPR was carved out due to the expansion of activities in the ministry. By the beginning of 1971 the FGN created Nigerian National Oil Corporation (NNOC), to manage commercial operational activities in the petroleum industry. The department became the MPR in 1975. In 1977, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) was formed by the decree 33 of 1977 through the merger of MPR and NNOC. It also, led to the creation of Petroleum Inspectorate , the industry regulator. In 1985, the MPR was carved out of NNOC while NNPC remains. In the same year, the PI was moved backed to the MPR.


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