Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development (New South Wales)

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NSW Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development
Department overview
Formed 1 July 2015
Jurisdiction New South Wales
Ministers responsible
Department executive

The New South Wales Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Infrastructure Development, known as the NSW Department of Industry, leads the NSW Government's contribution to making New South Wales a fertile place to invest and to produce goods and services, thereby creating jobs and opportunities for its citizens. The department's vision is a strong NSW economy building resilient communities.[1]

The chief executive officer, called Secretary, for the department is Simon Smith. The Secretary is responsible to the Minister for Regional New South Wales, Minister for Skills and Minister for Small Business, currently the Hon. John Barilaro MP who also serves as the Deputy Premier; the Minister for Primary Industries, Minister for Regional Water, Minister for Trade and Industry, currently the Hon. Niall Blair MLC; the Minister for Resources, Energy and Utilities, currently the Hon. Don Harwin MLC; and the Minister for Lands and Forestry and the Minister for Racing, currently the Hon. Paul Toole MP. The Assistant Minister for Skills, the Hon. Adam Marshall MP, supports the administration of the portfolio. All ministers are ultimately responsible to the Parliament of New South Wales.


The NSW Department of Industry supports all areas of economic activity where NSW has competitive strengths, and has responsibilities for:

  • skill formation and development to match industry demand
  • partnering with stakeholders in stewardship and sustainable use of the state's natural resources, and
  • supporting economic growth in the regions.

The strategies of the NSW Department of Industry are built on close relationships to understand industry's needs. The department delivers a wide range of training and specialist advisory services, and works to secure efficient and dependable government decision-making that contributes to business confidence.

The department measures its success by the growth in quantity of employment and the value of output, and the competitiveness and sustainability of NSW industries.[2]


The NSW Department of Industry is led by the Secretary, Simon Smith, who is supported by an executive team consisting of the heads of each division. The department has four operational areas delivering to its industries:

  • Trade, business and investment
  • Primary industries, food and water
  • Mineral resources and energy
  • Education and training

A single central division, Finance, Strategy & Operations, provides departmental services and coordination across a range of operational and strategic functions. The Office of the Secretary, Resources Regulator, Communication and Engagement, the Chief Audit Executive and the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer report directly to the Secretary, NSW Department of Industry. Jobs for NSW, TAFE NSW, Local Land Services, the NSW Small Business Commissioner, the Cross-Border Commissioner and the Land and Water Commissioner are aligned with the NSW Department of Industry.[3]

Agencies administered[edit]

The following government agencies are administered by the department:[4]


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