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The United States Department of the Army offers a variety of awards, decorations and incentive programs to honor and recognize the contribution and efforts of its civilian workforce.

There are three categories of recognition: monetary, honorary, and time-off.

Superior Accomplishment Awards[edit]

  • Special Act or Service Award- A SASA is a cash award given to recognize a meritorious personal effort, act, service, scientific or other achievement accomplished within or outside assigned job responsibilities. All appropriated fund employees are eligible for this award. Cash awards range from $25 to $25,000, depending on the achievement being recognized. (An additional award exceeding $25,000 may be approved at the discretion of the President.)
  • On-the-Spot Cash Award- The OTS cash award is a small SASA ($25 to $250) which may be given by a supervisor for day to day accomplishments of subordinate employees.
  • Time Off Award- Employees may be granted up to 80 hours of time off during a leave year without charge to leave or loss of pay as an award for achievements or performance contributing to the Army mission.
  • Performance Award- A performance award is a monetary award given in recognition of high-level performance for a specific period. This award is used to recognize all appropriated fund employees, except Senior Executive Service (SES) employees. Performance awards will be computed as a percentage of pay with a maximum award of 10 percent of the employee’s base pay.

Honorary Awards[edit]

(These awards are listed in hierarchical order from the highest to the lowest):

Public Service Awards[edit]

These decoration are made to private citizens. Army civilian employees (who are eligible for Army honorary awards in accordance with Chapter 9-1.2 of Army Regulation 672-20), military personnel and Army contractors are ineligible. These awards are in hierarchical order from the highest to the lowest.

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