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Nicaragua is a unitary republic, divided for administrative purposes into fifteen departments (departamentos) and two autonomous regions (regiónes autónomas):

ISO Map Department or autonomous region Capital Population (2012) Area (km2) Pop. density (km-2)
NI-BO Boaco Department, Nicaragua.svg Boaco Boaco 174,682 4,177 41.8
NI-CA Carazo Department, Nicaragua.svg Carazo Jinotepe 186,898 1,081 172.8
NI-CI Chinandega Department, Nicaragua.svg Chinandega Chinandega 432,062 4,822 87.7
NI-CO Chontales Department, Nicaragua.svg Chontales Juigalpa 153,932 6,481 24
NI-ES Esteli Department, Nicaragua.svg Estelí Estelí 201,548 2,230 90
NI-GR Granada Department, Nicaragua.svg Granada Granada 168,186 1,040 162
NI-JI Jinotega Department, Nicaragua.svg Jinotega Jinotega 331,335 9,222 36
NI-LE Leon Department, Nicaragua.svg León Department León 355,779 5,138 69
NI-MD Madriz Department, Nicaragua.svg Madriz Somoto 132,459 1,708 78
NI-MN Managua Department, Nicaragua.svg Managua Managua 2,132,421 3,465 365
NI-MS Masaya Department, Nicaragua.svg Masaya Masaya 289,988 611 475
NI-MT Matagalpa Department, Nicaragua.svg Matagalpa Matagalpa 469,172 6,804 69
NI-NS Nueva Segovia Department, Nicaragua.svg Nueva Segovia Ocotal 208,523 3,491 60
NI-RI Rivas Department, Nicaragua.svg Rivas Rivas 156,283 2,162 72
NI-SJ Rio San Juan Department, Nicaragua.svg Río San Juan San Carlos 95,596 7,541 13
NI-AN RAAN, Nicaragua.svg North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region Bilwi[note 1] 314,130 33,106 10
NI-AS RAAS, Nicaragua.svg South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region Bluefields 306,510 27,260 11

Autonomous regions[edit]

In 1987, the new constitution established the Charter of Autonomy (limited self-government) for the former department of Zelaya, comprising the entire eastern half of the country. The department was divided into two autonomous regions (communities). The Charter of Autonomy is largely based on the model used by Spain. The communities are governed by a Governor and a Regional Council.

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  1. ^ Regarding the capital of the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region: Bilwi is the city, Puerto Cabezas is the municipality.