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Departure Lounge[1] were an English musical group consisting of:

  • Tim Keegan - lead vocals, guitar (ex-Ringo, Robin Hitchcock & the Egyptians,[2] Homer)
  • Jake Kyle - bass, trumpet (ex-Robin Hitchcock & the Egyptians)
  • Chris Anderson - guitar, keyboards, saxophone, oboe (ex-Supermodel, Map[3])
  • Lindsay Jamieson - drums, keyboards (ex-Supermodel)[4]

They were initially known as Tim Keegan & Departure Lounge, reflecting the fact that Keegan was the singer and main lyricist. They released an album under this name in 1999 (reissued 2000), Out of Here,[5] which received warm reviews in both the general and music press (subsequent re-releases of the CD have changed the name to simply Departure Lounge). They assumed the simpler group name for their two subsequent albums, Jetlag Dreams (2001)[6] and Too Late To Die Young (2002),[7][8][9] both of which were released on former Cocteau Twins member Simon Raymonde's Bella Union label.

Departure Lounge disbanded in 2003. Keegan now works on solo projects. Anderson has played with a variety of bands as well as performing and recording as "Crayola Lectern" since 2006.[10]

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