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A departure tax is a fee charged (under various names) by a country when a person is leaving the country.

Some countries charge a departure tax only when a person is leaving by air. Various rules apply to the payment of the tax, including payment at the airport to those about to catch a flight (sometimes only in the local currency and sometimes by credit card), or by some prepayment method, or it may be charged to the airlines and included in the airline ticket price.

Departure taxes of various countries[edit]

Country Local currency US dollar Notes
Australia A$55 $43 The Passenger Movement Charge is included in the ticket price.[1]
Austria €8 (band A countries) / €35 (all other countries) $8.80 / $38.50 For more information on Flugabgabegesetz (FlugAbgG)
Bangladesh 350 taka $3.50 Charges at land border exits. Must be paid in cash (taka) at any branch of Sonali Bank; a bank booth is available at all land exits.
Brunei BN$5 $4.84 If the final destination is not Indonesia, Malaysia or the Philippines, then the tax is BN$12. If transiting through one of these countries, the higher tax rate still applies, even if the initial flight destination is located in Indonesia, Malaysia or the Philippines. Paid in cash at check-in.
Cambodia $25 Included in airline tickets as of 2011
China 90 Yuans $16 Charged to all visitors leaving by air. Fees are included in airline tickets.[2]
Costa Rica 14,500 (approx) $29 Charged to all visitors leaving by air. Must be paid in cash (US dollars or colones), or is charged as a cash advance on a credit card.[3]
Cuba 25 CUC[4] $25 Included in air ticket price since April 2015
Dominican Republic 884.595 DOP $20 Paid in cash upon departure
Ecuador $27.15 ($40.80 from Quito airport)[5]
Egypt 35 $5 (Approx) Charged to all visitors leaving by air starting from June 1, 2014. Must be paid in cash in Egyptian Pound
Fiji F$200 $125 (Approx) Fee raised in 2013 [6]
Germany €7.50 (band A countries) / €42.18 all other countries $10.50 / $63 for more details on Luftverkehrsteuergesetz (LuftVStG) see German air passenger taxes
Guyana $4000 (G) ($20.00 (US). Payable at the airport on departure.
Honduras 700 Lempiras $37.50 Only applies to air. Small land departure tax.
Hong Kong HK$120 (air) / HK$18 (ferry) Included in tickets. Refundable in some cases.[7]
Iran 750,000 by air, 375,000 for pilgrimage, 250,000 land and sea Rials $25 by air, $12.5 for pilgrimage, $8 land and sea Only applies to Iranian citizens. Should be paid at the airport. if you leave country via road transport it is much less.
Ireland €0 The Irish Air Travel Tax (Cáin Aerthaistil) was abolished in the 2014 Budget.[8]
Indonesia 200,000 Rupiah / 75,000 Rupiah at some airports, e.g. Bandung $17 To be paid in cash (IDR only), charged to all visitors leaving by air. Fees are included only in Garuda Indonesia and Citilink tickets.
Mexico Mx$294[9] $25 All non-Mexican nationals must pay this fee, except those who have permanent resident status or who are connecting flights [10]
Jamaica $35 Effective June 1, 2016
Palau $50 Departure tax and green fee to non Palau passport holders charged to all visitors in cash or travellers cheques only at airport
Philippines 1,620 peso nationals, 700 foreigner.[11] $36/$17 (approx) To be paid in cash (peso or dollars) before proceeding to departure immigration hall
Samoa 65tālā $30 (approx) Applies to airport departures from Apia. Must be paid in local currency (WST) before departure at a bank in the terminal. 15 tālā for children aged 2–11.
Thailand ฿700 $22 Included in airline tickets as of 2007
Tunisia Dinari30
Turkey Turkish lira symbol 8x10px.png15.00 [12] $6.80 (approx) Only applies to Turkish citizens. Paid at the airport. Children younger than 7, citizens with resident permits in other countries, and crew members of any commercial road transport, rail transport, ship transport, and aviation vehicles are exempt from payment.
United Kingdom Between £13 (band A, lowest class) and £194 (band D, any other class) Between $20 (band A, lowest class) and $300 (band D, any other class) Varies according to the distance traveled and passenger class. See Air Passenger Duty.

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