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Frequency7 times per year
PublisherJournal International GmbH
Year founded1984; 34 years ago (1984)[1]
CompanyTime Inc.

Departures is an American quarterly lifestyle magazine published by Time Inc.[2]

Magazine subscription is available only to holders of the American Express Platinum charge card, who receive it for free.

As of 2009, the editor-in-chief is Richard David Story.[2]

European, South American, Asian, and Australian Platinum Card members receive the international edition of Departures magazine,[3] while Centurion members outside the US receive a dedicated Centurion magazine,[4] both published by Journal International GmbH in Munich, Germany.[5][6]

Departures was purchased from American Express Publishing by Time Inc. on 1 October 2013, along with sister publication Travel + Leisure.[7]

On 24 February 2014, the former New York Times T Magazine online director, Horacio Silva, joined Departures as the newly created fashion and style director.[2] Also, Amanda Ross, the contributing fashion director, left.[2]

Popular culture[edit]

The magazine was referred to in the Season Six episode of HBO's series, The Sopranos, titled "The Blue Comet", when Dr. Melfi chastises Tony for ripping a recipe page out of an issue while sitting in her office suite's waiting room.


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