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Dependency, dependent or depend may refer to:

Computer science[edit]


  • Dependant (British English) (Dependent - American English), a person who depends on another as a primary source of income
  • Dependency ratio, in economics, the ratio of the economically dependent part of the economy to the productive part
  • Dependency theory, an economic worldview that posits that resources flow from poor states to wealthy states



Medicine and psychology[edit]

Political science[edit]

  • Dependent territory, a classification of territory, especially a region that is not a sovereign state but a possession of same
    • The Crown dependencies, three specific dependencies of the United Kingdom: the Isle of Man, the Bailiwick of Jersey and the Bailiwick of Guernsey


  • Dependent (record label), a German independent record label that focuses on aggrotech, electro-industrial and futurepop music
  • Dependent Music, an independent Canadian record label, owned and operated by the artists that were a part of the collective
  • Dependency (band), an American Christian hardcore band


  • Dependent (origination), In Buddhism it means the existence of everything is conditional, dependent on a cause. Nothing happens fortuitously or by chance.

Other uses[edit]