Deportes Iquique

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Deportes Iquique
Municipal Iquique.png
Full name Club de Deportes Iquique S.A.D.P.
Nickname(s) Los Dragones Celestes (The Sky Blue Dragons)
Founded 21 May 1978
Ground Estadio Tierra de Campeones,
Ground Capacity 12,000
Chairman Césare Rossi
Coach Jaime Vera
League Primera División de Chile
2015 Clausura 12th
Website Club home page

Club Deportes Iquique S.A.D.P.,[1] is a Chilean football club based in Iquique that is a current member of the Campeonato Nacional. Founded in 1978, the club's home stadium is the Estadio Tierra de Campeones which has a 12,000 capacity.

Iquique has been Primera División member nineteen times, having its most large period ten years (1980–90). They also have integrated thirteen times the Primera B (second tier), four times the Tercera División (third-tier) and have won three Copa Chile titles (1980, 2010 and 2013–14).[2]

They have a fierce local rivalry with San Marcos de Arica, disputing the derby since early 1980s.[3]


Early history (1980–2008)[edit]

The team was founded on 21 May 1978 by the merger of Cavancha and Estrella de Chile.[4] The following year Iquique integrated the Segunda División (second-tier), winning it and reaching its promotion to Primera División as well as his first ever professional title.[5][6] For the 1980 season, the club finished in the league’s table 14th place (of 18 teams) and won its first Copa Chile honour (Copa Polla Gol in the age) after beating powerhouse Colo-Colo in the final held at the Estadio Nacional.[7][8]

In 1988, the club had its first opportunity to go to an international tournament after qualifying to the Copa Libertadores Play-offs, but the club failed to reach it.[9] It's worthy to distinguish that Iquique finished in the third place and registered a league top-scorer for first time in its history with the Peruvian Juan José Oré and his 18 goals leading it.[10]

However, in 1991, Los Dragones Celestes after a poor campaign finishing in the bottom of the table during the season, were relegated to second-tier where they stayed until 1997 (excepting its brief spell in top level in 1993).[11] However the club was only two seasons in top-level and then they were relegated back to the Segunda División — now called Primera B — in 1999.[12] Later Iquique lost the category and sealed its relegation to Tercera División in 2002.[13]

After a four-year presence in Tercera (where the club changed its name to Municipal Iquique for legal reasons after its bankruptcy during those years)[14] the club reached its promotion to second-level after winning the category title in 2006.[15][16] Two seasons later, in 2008, Iquique achieved its fourth promotion to Primera División with Horacio Rivas as head coach, broking of this form a ten-year first tier absence.[17]

Ups and downs and Copa Chile titles (2009–)[edit]

For the 2009 season Iquique impressed in the Torneo Apertura after finishing eight in the league table and qualifying to the championship play-offs[18] where were eliminated in the quarter-finals by Everton after losing 4–3 in the aggregate.[19] That tournament Iquique had a team integrated by talented players like playmaker Edson Puch and the striker Cristian Bogado. However, after a poor campaign in the Torneo Clausura where only obtained nine points and added Puch and Bogado departures, Iquique were relegated back to Primera B after finishing in the general table’s bottom.[20]

During the 2010 season, Iquique won its third Primera B title that assured Iquique’s featuring in the 2011 Primera División season[21] as well as its second Copa Chile that send the club to following season’s Copa Sudamericana preliminary stages.[22]

Deportes Iquique team in October 2011.

After a regular 2011 season where the club kept in Primera finishing in the general’s table 11th place after escaping from the relegation and being immediately eliminated by Universidad Católica at Sudamericana preliminary stages,[23] Iquique did an historical campaign during the 2012 Torneo Apertura where with Puch and Bogado returns as well as the good shape from promising player Álvaro Ramos and trascendental players like Sebastián Toro, Arturo Sanhueza and Boris Rieloff, the team finished third in the regular phase,[24] but eliminated in the quarter-finals by Colo-Colo after a 5–4 aggregate result.[25] However the regular phase’s third place allowed Iquique qualify again to the Copa Sudamericana[26] — eliminated by Nacional in the preliminary stage once again[27] — and even the general table’s third place put the team in its first ever 2013 Copa Libertadores participation[28] where they beat Mexican side León 4–2 on penalties after a 2–2 aggregate result to qualify the group stage.[29]

Already in 2013 and in the Copa Libertadores group stage Iquique didn’t repeat its historical tournament — which haven’t play-offs by ANFP determination[30] — and was early eliminated from Libertadores group stage after finishing last behind Vélez Sarsfield, Emelec and Peñarol[31][32]

For the 2013–14 season Iquique won its third Copa Chile,[33] reaching for first time the Supercopa as well as another Copa Sudamericana qualification. However the team lost the Supercopa with O'Higgins, was eliminated by Bolivian side Universitario de Sucre in the first stage[34] and completed a discreet 2014–15 season where as only one milestone was the title snatching to Universidad Católica which lost the race for it against Cobresal during the 2015 Torneo Clausura.[35]


1980, 2010, 2013–14
1979, 1997-C, 2010


Current squad[edit]

Current squad of Deportes Iquique as of 5 July 2016 (edit)
Sources: ANFP Official Web Site

No. Position Player
1  CHI GK Rodrigo Naranjo
2  CHI DF Francisco Bahamondes
3  CHI DF Enzo Guerrero
4  CHI MF Javier Muñoz
5  CHI MF Rafael Caroca
6  URU MF Mathías Riquero
7  CHI DF Javier Cabezas
8  CHI DF Mauricio Zenteno
9  CHI FW César Huanca
10  CHI FW Manuel Villalobos
11  CHI FW Álvaro Ramos
12  CHI GK Brayan Cortés
13  CHI MF Jonathan Rebolledo
14  CHI MF Misael Dávila
17  ARG DF Tomás Charles
No. Position Player
18  CHI MF Misael Cubillos
19  ARG MF Diego Torres
20  ARG MF Gonzalo Bustamante
21  CHI GK Luis Sotomayor
22  CHI MF Álvaro Delgado
23  ARG FW Walter Mazzolatti
24  CHI MF Diego Fernández
25  CHI GK Maximiliano Mori
26  ARG DF Hernán Lopes
27  CHI DF Matías Figueroa
28  CHI DF Alan Moreno
29  CHI MF Matías Caroca
--  CHI DF Humberto Bustamante
--  CHI MF Felipe Reynero

Manager: Jaime Vera

  • The teams of the Chilean Primera Division are limited to seven players without Chilean nationality and also are limited to five foreign players in the field. The squads with more of seven players in the squad or five foreign players are sanctioned by the ANFP. The squad of the club now have all places of foreign players, five Argentine players and one Uruguayan player.

2015–16 Summer Transfers[edit]


Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
-- Chile DF Humberto Bustamante (from Unión San Felipe)
No. Position Player
-- Chile FW Álvaro Ramos (from Universidad Católica)


Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
11 Chile FW Carlos Soza (to Deportes Iberia)
No. Position Player
16 Chile MF Fernando Lazcano (to Deportes Temuco)
2010 Copa Chile obtained by Iquique



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