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Alavés B
Deportivo Alaves logo.svg
Full name Deportivo Alavés B, S.A.D.
Nickname(s) Alavés Aficionados, Miniglorias
Founded 1960
Ground José Luis Compañón, Vitoria,
Basque Country, Spain
Chairman Alfonso Fernández de Trocóniz
Manager Aitor Orueta
League 3ª – Group 4
2015–16 3ª – Group 4, 12th
Current season

Deportivo Alavés B, S.A.D., usually known as Alavés B, is a Spanish football club based in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in the autonomous community of Basque Country. Founded in 1961 it is the reserve team of Deportivo Alavés, and currently plays in Tercera División – Group 4, holding home at Instalaciones de Ibaia José Luis Compañon, the training facilities of Alavés.

The team's home kit is blue and white-striped shirt, blue shorts and white socks.

League history[edit]

The league placings have largely mirrored the fortunes of the senior team. From their formation in the 1960s until the late 1990s, Alavés B competed only in the fourth (Tercera Grupo IV) or fifth (Preferente de Álava) tiers. They achieved promotion to Segunda División B in 1999,[1][2] a year after the seniors climbed to La Liga. Alavés B remained in the third level for seven seasons, usually finishing mid-table, until demotion in 2005-06, the same year that the main side was relegated amid economic turmoil under Dmitry Piterman.

The decline of the club continued and the senior side themselves dropped into Segunda División B in 2009, while the B team were relegated back down to the fifth level. It took Alavés B only two seasons to regain fourth-level status[3][4] whereas the seniors took four years to rise again to the second level, but they then gained promotion to La Liga after three further seasons while the B team stayed put in Tercera División from that point on.

Alavés C[edit]

During their spell in La Liga from 1998, Alavés decided to add a 'C' team to the club structure to help young players develop before moving up to Alavés B in Segunda División B.

Initially in 2000 a small club from Vitoria-Gasteiz, AD Zaldiaran (founded 1980) which had just been promoted to Tercera División[5] was fully incorporated as Deportivo Alavés C[6] and competed in the fourth tier for three seasons until 2002-03.

Thereafter a four-year partnership was agreed with another local team Club San Ignacio (previously associated with Real Sociedad and the formative club of Spain international forward Ernesto Valverde). The affiliate became known as Alavés C-San Ignacio.[7] When this entity was relegated in 2004-05, the Alavés link was discontinued and the C team did not reform. San Ignacio continued operating independently and have since returned to the Tercera level twice (on each occasion their opponents included Alavés B, with both teams being relegated in 2008–09).

Season to season[edit]

Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1961/62 4 1ª Reg. 5th
1962/63 4 1ª Reg. 4th
1963/64 4 1ª Reg. 3rd
1964/65 4 1ª Reg. 3rd
1965/66 4 1ª Reg. 2nd
1966/67 4 1ª Reg. 12th
1967/68 4 1ª Reg. 8th
1968/69 5 2ª Reg. 8th
1969/70 5 2ª Reg. 8th
1970/73 DNP
1973/74 5 2ª Reg. 1st
1974/75 4 Reg. Pref. 13th
1975/76 4 Reg. Pref. 7th
1976/77 4 Reg. Pref. 13th
1977/78 5 Reg. Pref. 8th
1978/79 5 Reg. Pref. 3rd
1979/80 4 2nd 1st Round
1980/81 4 10th 2nd Round
1981/82 4 8th
1982/83 4 20th 1st Round
1983/84 5 Reg. Pref. 5th
1984/85 5 Reg. Pref. 16th
1985/86 5 Reg. Pref. 17th
1986/87 6 1ªReg. 3rd
1987/88 5 Reg. Pref. 4th
1988/89 5 Reg. Pref. 1st
1989/90 5 Reg. Pref. 3rd
1990/91 5 Reg. Pref. 2nd
1991/92 5 Reg. Pref. 4th
1992/93 5 Reg. Pref. 9th
1993/94 5 Reg. Pref. 1st
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1994/95 4 16th
1995/96 4 6th
1996/97 4 3rd
1997/98 4 7th
1998/99 4 2nd
1999/00 3 2ªB 11th
2000/01 3 2ªB 10th
2001/02 3 2ªB 10th
2002/03 3 2ªB 5th
2003/04 3 2ªB 6th
2004/05 3 2ªB 12th
2005/06 3 2ªB 18th
2006/07 4 10th
2007/08 4 13th
2008/09 4 19th
2009/10 5 Reg. Pref. 5th
2010/11 5 Reg. Pref. 2nd
2011/12 4 17th
2012/13 4 14th
2013/14 4 5th
2014/15 4 7th
2015/16 4 12th
2016/17 4

Current squad[edit]

As of 5 November 2016

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Spain GK Ioritz Landeta
Spain GK Aritz Castro
Spain DF Martín Aguirregabiria
Spain DF Erik Ruiz
Spain DF Javi Ibáñez
Spain DF Aritz Huete
Spain DF Julen Castillo
Spain DF Jorge Fajardo
Spain DF Miguel Muñoz
Spain DF Einar Galilea
Argentina MF Facundo Ballardo
Spain MF David Gallego
No. Position Player
Spain MF Altair
Spain MF Pedro Alonso
Spain MF Ale Hernández
Spain MF Jon Ander
Spain MF Víctor López
Spain MF Paulino
Spain MF Jaime Barrero
Oman MF Azan al Tamtami
Spain FW Asier Benito
Brazil FW Lucas Silva
Spain FW Javier Alonso
Spain FW Dani Iglesias

Notable players[edit]


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