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Deportivo Municipal
Full nameClub Centro Deportivo Municipal
(Municipal Sports Center Club)
Nickname(s)La Academia (The Academy),
Muni, Echa Muni, Los Ediles, La Franja, El Cuadro de la Comuna
FoundedJuly 27, 1935; 84 years ago (1935-07-27)
PresidentRenzo Reggiardo
ManagerVictor Rivera
LeagueLiga 1
2019Liga 1, 16th

Club Centro Deportivo Municipal, commonly known as Deportivo Municipal, is a Peruvian football club based in Lima, Peru. They are among Peru's most recognizable clubs and enjoy considerable popularity. The bulk of their success was won a few years after the club was founded in 1935. The club was a top-flight contender during this period and won four Primera División titles. The club suffered relegation three times in their history: 1967, 2000, and 2007. They have also been champions of the Segunda División on three occasions: 1968, 2006, and 2014, granting them promotion to the first division. In 2014, they won the Segunda División and they currently compete in the Primera División Peruana.

Deportivo Municipal was one of the first Peruvian clubs to participate in a South American international football competition. In 1948, they were invited to the South American Championship of Champions and finished fourth where clubs from seven of the then nine CONMEBOL football associations participated.[1]


Club Centro Deportivo Municipal was founded upon the initiative of three municipal directors of Lima, who intended to have a football team representing the municipality of the city. Thus Círculo Deportivo Municipal was formed, which in 1934 merged with another team to create Centro Deportivo Municipal, participating in the promotion tournament in 1935.

The club was officially founded on 27 July 1935 in the Municipality of Lima. After finishing second in the promotion tournament, the team won the right to play in the Primera División in 1936, and obtained its first national title in 1938.

Deportivo Municipal was relegated in 1967, and promoted again in 1968. The club stayed in the top category until 2000, when it ended last in the season. The team was relegated to the Segunda División, where it played until 2006, when promotion was achieved by winning the title with 45 points in 22 matches. They were relegated again in 2007 after a troublesome season with failing to pay its players for several months.

In the 2011 Torneo Intermedio, the club was eliminated by José Gálvez in the quarter-finals. It reached the national stage of the 2012 Copa Perú and was invited to play in the Segunda División once again.

On 2014, the club gained promotion to the Primera División Peruana for the first time in 7 years after beating Unión Huaral.


It consists of a white jersey with a red stripe that goes from left to right, blue shorts and white socks. Its alternative uniform varies, it has 3 options. The first one has a red jersey and keeps the blue shorts and white socks. The second alternative uniform keeps the red stripe on the jersey but instead of being white, it is blue. The shorts and socks are also blue. The third alternative uniform uses black instead of blue (as the 2nd choice) but also keeps the red stripe on the jersey. The home shirt's colors are reminiscent of the Peruvian national team, and it refers to the fact that the day of its foundation in 1935 was the day before Peruvian Independence Day.

Kit Evolution[edit]

Old First kit
3° Away
3° Away


Deportivo Municipal has employed the use of several stadiums throughout its history. Some of these grounds include the Estadio Nacional, Estadio Municipal de Chorrillos, Estadio Miguel Grau, Estadio Alejandro Villanueva, Estadio Universidad San Marcos and the former Estadio San Martín de Porres. Most recently, the club has adopted the Estadio Iván Elías Moreno in Villa El Salvador for their home games.[2]




Winners (4): 1938, 1940, 1943, 1950
Runner-up (8): 1941, 1942, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1951, 1981
Winners (1): 1981
Winners (3): 1968, 2006, 2014
Runner-up (1): 2004
Runner-up (1): 2004

National cups[edit]

Winners (1): 1993


Runner-up (1): 2012
Winners (1): 2012
Winners (1): 2012
Winners (1): 2012
Winners (1): 2011

Performance in CONMEBOL competitions[edit]

1982: Group Stage
2017: First Stage
2016: First Stage
2019: First Stage
1948: Fourth Place
1970: First Stage

Current squad[edit]

As of 2019

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Peru GK Hairo Camacho
Uruguay GK Diego Melian
2 Argentina DF Renzo Alfani
3 Peru DF Eduardo Caballero
Peru DF David Díaz
Peru MF Mario Velarde
7 Panama MF José Murillo
8 Peru MF Carlos Uribe
Peru FW Andy Pando
10 Panama MF Ricardo Buitrago
12 Peru MF Aron Torres
Peru DF Cristian Dávila
14 Peru FW Ronaldo Huari
16 Peru MF Carlos Flores
Peru FW Junior Ross
No. Position Player
18 Peru DF Jorge Torres
19 Paraguay MF Jeremías Bogado
Argentina MF Matias Mansilla
21 Peru GK Jorge Arteaga
22 Peru DF Yordi Vilchez
23 Peru MF Joao García
24 Peru MF Andrés Rossi
26 Peru GK Diego López
27 Peru MF Eduardo Pita
30 Peru FW Rafael Meza
31 Peru DF Rotceh Aguilar

Noted players[edit]


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