Deportivo Pucallpa

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Deportivo Pucallpa
Deportivo Pucallpa.jpg
Full name Club Deportivo Pucallpa
Ground Aliardo Soria Pérez,
Ground Capacity 15,000
League Copa Perú

Deportivo Pucallpa is a Peruvian football club, playing in the city of Pucallpa, Ucayali, Peru.


They were originally called COOPTRIP,[1] and played in the 1985 Torneo Descentralizado.

The club participated in 1986 Torneo Descentralizado until 1986 Torneo Descentralizado when was relegated. Deportivo Pucallpa was the 1986 Central Zone winner and classified to Liguilla Regional but was eliminated by San Agustín.



Winners (1): 2011

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