Deposed Queen Yu

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Deposed Queen Yu
폐비 유씨
Queen Consort of Joseon
Tenure1608 – 1623
PredecessorQueen Inmok
SuccessorQueen Inryeol
Crown Princess of Joseon
Tenure1592 – 1608
PredecessorCrown Princess Gonghoe
SuccessorDeposed Crown Princess Park
Born15 August 1576
Kingdom of Joseon
Died31 October 1623 (1623-11-01) (aged 47)
Ganghwa Island, Kingdom of Joseon
SpouseKing Gwanghae of Joseon
Posthumous name
HouseMunhwa Yu
FatherYu Ja-Shin
MotherLady Jeong of the Dongnae Jeong clan

Deposed Queen Yu (15 August 1576 – 31 October 1623), was a wife and the Queen Consort of King Gwanghae of Joseon, the 15th monarch of the Joseon Dynasty.


She was selected to become the consort of the prince. When King Gwanghae became the crown prince, she was elevated to the crown princess’ rank at the age of 16. 16 years later, she became the nation’s queen consort. After King Injo overthrew her husband, she was deposed and exiled to Ganghwa Island, together with King Gwanghae. Her son, the Yi Ji, deposed Crown Prince, tried to escape with his wife but failed, resulting in them committing suicide. Lady Yu passed away on the same year after seven months of living in exile.


  • Father: Yu Ja-Shin (December 1541 – 7 February 1612) (유자신)
    • Grandfather: Yu Jam (1509 – 1576) (유잠)
    • Grandmother: Lady Jeong of the Hadong Jeong clan (1510 – 1587) (하동 정씨)
  • Mother: Lady Jeong of the Dongnae Jeong clan (1541 – 1620) (동래 정씨)
    • Grandfather: Jeong Yu-Gil (1515 – 1588) (정유길)
    • Grandmother: Lady Won of the Wonju Won clan (원주 원씨)
  • Husband: King Gwanghae of Joseon (4 June 1575 – 7 August 1641) (조선 광해군)
    • Son: Yi Ji, Deposed Crown Prince (31 December 1598 – 22 July 1623) (이지 폐세자)
      • Daughter-in-law: Deposed Crown Princess of the Miryang Park clan (1598 – May 1623) (폐빈 박씨)

In popular culture[edit]


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Preceded by
Queen Inmok
Queen consort of Korea
Succeeded by
Queen Inryeol