Deputy Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory

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Deputy Chief Minister of Australian Capital Territory
Yvette Berry
Style The Honourable
Appointer Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory
Term length At the Governor's pleasure
Formation 16 May 1989
First holder Paul Whalan

The Deputy Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory is the second-most senior officer in the Government of the Australian Capital Territory. The Deputy Chief Ministership has been a ministerial portfolio since its establishment in 1989. Unlike in other states and territories, the Deputy Chief Minister of the ACT is not nominally appointed by an Administrator or Vice-Regal, but by the Chief Minister.

The current Deputy Chief Minister is the Australian Labor Party's, Yvette Berry[1] who took over from former Labor Deputy leader Simon Corbell on 31 October 2016, following Corbell's retirement[2] at the Australian Capital Territory general election, 2016.

History and duties[edit]

The office of Deputy Chief Minister was created in May 1989, for Paul Whalan, the Deputy Leader of the Labor Party, following the formation of the first government of the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly. The duties of the Deputy Chief Minister are to act on behalf of the Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory in his or her absence overseas or on leave. The Deputy Chief Minister has always been a member of the Cabinet, and has always held at least one substantive portfolio (It would be technically possible for a minister to hold only the portfolio of Deputy Chief Minister, but this has never happened).

If the Chief Minister were to die, become incapacitated or resign, the Assembly would normally elect the Deputy Chief Minister as Chief Minister. If the governing or majority party had not yet elected a new leader, that appointment would be on an interim basis. Should a different leader emerge, that person would then be appointed Chief Minister.

For a short period, between 29 May 1991 and 18 June 1991, there was no Deputy Chief Minister as the Chief Minister, Trevor Kaine, has assumed all ministerial responsibilities.

Gary Humphries, Katy Gallagher and Andrew Barr are the only Deputy Chief Ministers who have gone on to become Chief Minister. Trevor Kaine is the only Chief Minister who has taken a 'backward' step to become Deputy Chief Minister.

List of Deputy Chief Ministers of the Australian Capital Territory[edit]

# Name Took Office Left Office Timespan Party Notes
1 Paul Whalan 16 May 1989 13 December 1989 211 days Labor 1
2 Bernard Collaery 13 December 1989 29 May 1991 1 year, 167 days Residents Rally 2
3 Wayne Berry 18 June 1991 13 April 1994 2 years, 299 days Labor
4 David Lamont 13 April 1994 15 March 1995 336 days Labor
5 Tony De Domenico 15 March 1995 9 January 1997 1 year, 300 days Liberal
6 Gary Humphries 9 January 1997 31 January 1997 22 days Liberal
7 Trevor Kaine 31 January 1997 17 February 1997 17 days Liberal
8 Gary Humphries 17 February 1997 9 October 2000 3 years, 235 days Liberal
9 Brendan Smyth 9 October 2000 13 November 2001 1 year, 35 days Liberal
10 Ted Quinlan 13 November 2001 20 April 2006 5 years, 158 days Labor
11 Katy Gallagher 20 April 2006 16 May 2011 5 years, 26 days Labor
12 Andrew Barr 16 May 2011 11 December 2014 3 years, 209 days Labor
13 Simon Corbell 11 December 2014 31 October 2016 1 year, 325 days Labor
14 Yvette Berry 31 October 2016 incumbent 173 days Labor

1 Despite Labor Chief Minister, Follett, losing a no confidence vote in the Assembly on 5 December 1989, Labor's Whalan remained Deputy Chief Minister for eight days under Liberal Chief Minister, Trevor Kaine, until Kaine announced his Alliance ministry with Residents Rally on 13 December 1989.[3]
2 Bernard Collaery resigned all Ministerial responsibilities on 29 May 1991, losing confidence in Kaine led Alliance government with Residents Rally, due to unpopular decisions to close schools, close the Royal Canberra Hospital and amend planning laws.[4][5]

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