Deputy Commissioner of Police (Singapore)

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Deputy Commissioner of the Singapore Police Force
Singapore Police Force
Reports to Minister for Home Affairs
Seat New Phoenix Park 28 Irrawaddy Road Singapore 329560
First holder Kenneth Bruce Stewart

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (abbreviation: DCP or DC, Chinese: 副警察总监) is the second most senior police rank of a senior officer in the Singapore Police Force above the rank of Senior Assistant Commissioner and below that of the Commissioner of Police

Deputy Commissioner of Police Term
Kenneth Bruce Stewart 1860s
Khoo Boon Hui 1995 - July 1997
Goh Liang Kwang 1997 - 1 Nov 2008
Wong Hong Kuan 2010–2011
Raja Kumar s/o Thamby Rajah 2011–2014
Hoong Wee Teck 2013–2014
Lim Kok Thai, Policy[1] 2015–Present
Tan Chye Hee(Investigations & Intelligence) 2015–Present
Lau Peet Meng(Operations) 2015–Present


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