Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis

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Met Dep Commissioner Epaulette

The Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, commonly referred to simply as the Deputy Commissioner, is the second-in-command of London's Metropolitan Police Service. The rank is senior to Assistant Commissioner, but junior by one rank to Commissioner. The Deputy Commissioner's salary from 1 September 2010 is £214,722, making them the second highest paid British police officer.[1]


The rank of Deputy Commissioner was formally established as a separate rank, additional to the Assistant Commissioners, in 1931. However, the Assistant Commissioner "A" had acted as de facto deputy for some years and had been given the courtesy title of Deputy Commissioner since 1922. The Deputy Commissioner's Crown appointment continued to be Assistant Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis until at least the 1970s.[2]


The badge of rank worn on the epaulettes by the Deputy Commissioner is unique in the British police service, this being a crown, above two small pips placed side by side, above crossed tipstaves in a wreath. This badge was introduced in 2001; before that the Deputy Commissioner wore the same rank badge as the Assistant Commissioners - a crown over crossed tipstaves in a wreath.

Deputy Commissioners[edit]

Those listed in bold type became Commissioners