Deputy Director of the National Security Agency

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George C. Barnes, currently Deputy Director

The Deputy Director of the National Security Agency is the highest-ranking civilian within the National Security Agency. As the senior civilian at NSA, the Deputy Director acts as the agency's chief operating officer, guiding and directing strategies and policy, and serves as the principal advisor to the Director of the NSA. The Deputy Director reports to the NSA Director and is required to be a technically experienced civilian.[1]

The current Deputy Director is George C. Barnes.

NSA deputy directors[edit]

Deputy directors of AFSA[edit]

The Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA) was the predecessor to the NSA.

# Deputy Director Term
1* Samuel P. Collins, USA
Joseph Wenger, USN
Roy H. Lynn, USAF
November 1950 – April 1951
2 Travis Hetherington, USAF 1951–1952

*From November 1950 to April 1951, there was a Deputy Director for each service.

Deputy directors of NSA[edit]

# Vice Director Term
1 Joseph Wenger 1952–1953
2 John Ackerman 1953–1956
3 John A. Samford June 1956
# Deputy Director Term
4 Joseph H. Ream 1956–1957
5 Howard Engstrom 1957–1958
6 Louis W. Tordella 1958–1974
7 Benson K. Buffham 1974–1978
8 Robert E. Drake 1978–1980
9 Ann Z. Caracristi 1980–1982
10 Robert E. Rich 1982–1986
11 Charles R. Lord 1986–1988
12 Gerald R. Young 1988–1990
13 Robert L. Prestel 1990–1994
14 William P. Crowell 1994–1997
15 Barbara McNamara 1997–2000
16 William B. Black, Jr. 2000–2006
17 John C. Inglis 2006–2014
18 Richard Ledgett 2014–2017
19 George C. Barnes 2017–present


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