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The deputy premiers of Quebec (French: Vice-premier ministres du Québec (masculine) or Vice-première ministres du Québec (feminine)), is the deputy head of government in Quebec.

There was no deputy premier until July 1960.

In the 1960s, the post was sometimes referred to as the vice president of the Executive Council.

The post has been temporarily vacant twice: after the death of Premier Daniel Johnson, Sr. when the incumbent deputy premier, Jean-Jacques Bertrand, became premier; and after the death of Deputy Premier Pierre Laporte. Besides Bertrand, two other deputy premiers, Bernard Landry and Pauline Marois, later became premier, though both did so some years after their tenure as deputy premier had ended.


Name District
Took office Left office Party
  Georges-Émile LapalmeMontréal-Outremont
(Montreal West)
  Paul Gérin-LajoieVaudreuil-Soulanges
  Jean-Jacques BertrandMissisquoi
(Eastern Townships)
19661968Union Nationale
  nonen.a.26 September
11 December
Union Nationale
  Jean-Guy CardinalBagot
19681970Union Nationale
  Pierre LaporteChambly
197017 October 1970Liberal
  nonen.a.17 October
  Gérard D. LevesqueBonaventure
  Jacques-Yvan MorinSauvé
(Montreal East)
19761984Parti Québécois
  Camille LaurinBourget
(Montreal East)
19841984 Parti Québécois
  Marc-André BédardChicoutimi
19841985 Parti Québécois
  Lise Bacon Chomedey
19851994 Liberal
  Monique Gagnon-TremblaySaint-François
(Eastern Townships)
19941994 Liberal
  Bernard LandryVerchères
19942001Parti Québécois
  Pauline MaroisTaillon
20012003 Parti Québécois
  Monique Gagnon-TremblaySaint-François
(Eastern Townships)
20032005 Liberal
  Jacques DupuisSaint-Laurent
(Montreal West)
  Nathalie NormandeauBonaventure
  Line BeauchampBourassa-Sauvé
(Montreal North)
  Michelle CourchesneFabre
  François GendronAbitibi-Ouest
20122014 Parti Québécois
  Lise ThériaultAnjou–Louis-Riel
23 April 201411 October 2017Liberal
  Dominique AngladeSaint-Henri–Sainte-Anne
11 October 201718 October 2018Liberal
  Geneviève GuilbaultLouis-Hébert
18 October 2018presentCoalition Avenir Québec


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