Deputy Premier of South Australia

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Deputy Premier of South Australia
Coat of arms of South Australia.png
Coat of arms of South Australia
John Rau
Style The Honourable
Appointer Governor of South Australia
Term length At the Governor's pleasure
Formation 26 March 1968
First holder Des Corcoran

The Deputy Premier of South Australia is the second-most senior officer in the Government of South Australia. The Deputy Premiership is a ministerial portfolio, and the Deputy Premier is appointed by the Governor on the advice of the Premier.

The current Deputy Premier is Labor's John Rau.


The office of Deputy Premier was created in March 1968, for Des Corcoran, the deputy leader of the Australian Labor Party. Prior to that time the term was sometimes used unofficially for the second-highest ranking minister in the government, usually the Treasurer.

In both Labor and Liberal governments, the Deputy Premier is usually the party's deputy leader.

Two Deputy Premiers have subsequently become Premier in their own right: Des Corcoran and Rob Kerin. This last happened in 2001, when Rob Kerin became premier after John Olsen's resignation. Dean Brown did the reverse, becoming Deputy Premier to Rob Kerin, 5 years after his own premiership ended at the hands of John Olsen.

South Australia's longest-serving Deputy Premier is Kevin Foley, who served in the position from March 2002 to February 2011.


The duties of the Deputy Premier are to act on behalf of the Premier in his or her absence overseas or on leave. The Deputy Premier has always been a member of the Cabinet, and has always held at least one substantive portfolio (It would be technically possible for a minister to hold only the portfolio of Deputy Premier, but this has never happened).

If the Premier were to die, become incapacitated or resign, the Governor would normally appoint the Deputy Premier as Premier. If the governing or majority party had not yet elected a new leader, that appointment would be on an interim basis. Should a different leader emerge, that person would then be appointed Premier.

List of Deputy Premiers of South Australia[edit]

# Name Took Office Left Office Party Premier
1 Des Corcoran 26 March 1968 16 April 1968 Labor Don Dunstan
2 Des Corcoran 2 July 1970 15 March 1979 Labor Don Dunstan
3 Hugh Hudson 15 March 1979 2 September 1979 Labor Des Corcoran
4 Roger Goldsworthy 18 September 1979 10 November 1982 Liberal Dr David Tonkin
5 Jack Wright 10 November 1982 16 July 1985 Labor John Bannon
6 Don Hopgood 16 July 1985 4 September 1992 Labor John Bannon
7 Frank Blevins 4 September 1992 14 December 1993 Labor Lynn Arnold
8 Stephen Baker 14 December 1993 28 November 1996 Liberal Dean Brown
9 Graham Ingerson 28 November 1996 7 July 1998 Liberal John Olsen
10 Rob Kerin 7 July 1998 22 October 2001 Liberal John Olsen
11 Dean Brown 22 October 2001 5 March 2002 Liberal Rob Kerin
12 Kevin Foley 5 March 2002 6 February 2011 Labor Mike Rann
13 John Rau 7 February 2011 Present Labor Mike Rann
Jay Weatherill

Living former Deputy Premiers[edit]

Name Term of office Date of birth
Stephen Baker 1993–1994 30 May 1946
Graham Ingerson 1996–1998 27 August 1941
Rob Kerin 1998–2001 4 January 1954
Dean Brown 2001–2002 5 April 1943
Kevin Foley 2002–2011 25 September 1960