Der Blatt

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Der Blatt
Type Weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Milech Deutch
Founded 2000
Headquarters Williamsburg, NY
Website none

Yiddish Journalism ייִדיש לעבט

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Der Blatt (Yiddish: דער בּלאַט‎, En. The Page or The Newspaper) is a weekly Yiddish newspaper published in New York City by Satmar Hasidim.


Der Blatt was established in 2000, as a direct result of the Satmar succession feud. Prior to that time there was only one Satmar newspaper, Der Yid. In the dispute over the succession, Der Yid came under the control of the supporters of Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum. This left the supporters of his rival, Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, without a platform for communication and public relations, prompting them to establish a newspaper of their own. The resulting publication, Der Blatt, closely retains the basic style of Der Yid but promotes Rabbi Aaron rather than Rabbi Zalman as the legitimate successor of the previous rebbe. The publication adheres to a strict interpretation of Tzniut that prohibits photographs of women on its pages and is following the strict Satmar Anti Zionist stance.

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