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Der Container Exklusiv is a 2006 German TV Endemol game-show production, with the format of early Big Brother Germany (BB) TV shows. There were 18 contestants (see below: Nominations). The show was broadcast on Premiere channel, which is the broadcaster that showed the 24-hour streaming of German Big Brother. The show began on 27 February 2006 and was meant to finish on 31 July 2006 (155 days), but due to poor ratings/subscriber levels, the show finished officially on 5 June 2006 (99 days), with final rounds of votes among all who remained. The prize for the winner was 150,000 Euro originally, but due to the shortened season, the final prize was 100,000 Euro (about US$140,000). The presenter was Christian Möllmann, a housemate in BB2 Germany. They used house number 9 from Big Brother Germany 6.[citation needed] The show started with 6 Housemates, adding a few each month. Nominations took place on Mondays, at 2-week intervals. Each Housemate nominated 1 person. Evictions were on alternate Mondays to the nominations, and the evicted Housemate was decided by a public vote of TV viewers.


After the station RTL II decision to end Big Brother Germany, after the sixth season (before deciding to return with season 7 in 2007), Premiere and Endemol decided to jointly market its own season of the format under a different name. It tried to focus too heavily on the early seasons of Big Brother Germany.

Just as in the fifth and sixth seasons of Big Brother Germany, the video feed for Der Container Exklusiv was broadcast 24 hours live on a private, fee-based television channel. From 4 April 2006, a channel excluding the so-called happy hour from 17:00-18:00, unlocked viewing for all its customers. There have also been on the TV channel Premiere, daily shows at 20:00 clock to see the daily highlights from Der Container and each week on Mondays at 20:15 some highlights (with weekly nomination, or an excerpt). The shows were hosted by Christian Möllmann.


The venues of Der Container Exklusiv were the exclusive premises of the Big Brother village in Ossendorf. There also, the sixth season of the German Big Brother was produced. After the end of first premiere recordings beamed from the casting of the container from exclusive. On 27 February 2006 from 1:00 clock then went the first six residents at number seven - the former assistant area - a. In subsequent weeks, the number of residents increased to ten and on 10 March, the parade took place in the actual "container" instead. This lasted for number 9 - the former head of the field - including the garden with a swimming pool, the former Big Bar and the gym. The Big Bar was transformed into the bedroom, and the bedroom of the former Big Brother residents into the dining room. For the final broadcast on 5 June, it was used as the fitness studio.

Supervision of residents[edit]

As with the Big Brother format, contestants were also monitored in Der Container Exklusiv around-the-clock by video cameras and microphones. There were camera-free clock hours between 7:00-8:00, and no images were transferred from the bedroom.

Number of inhabitants, nominations, winning sum[edit]

Living together in the container were ten residents. According to a statement which could be provided voluntarily or by eviction, moved to a new resident. Every two weeks, the residents nominated two (possibly with a tie more than two) candidates for expulsion. After this nomination, the audience had a vote by tele-voting. In the weeks following the nomination, then decided the audience via telephone, who of the nominees would remain. The candidate receiving the fewest viewer votes was thrown out then. Towards the end of the season, the number of residents decreased gradually, until eventually a winner - the candidate Sergei - remained. He received a prize of 100,000 euros. Before the announcement of a premature end, Staffell and Endemol/Premiere had promised the winner a sum of 150,000 €. However, simultaneously with the announcement of a premature end, without further comments, the earnings premium had been reduced by one third.

Budget and weekly tasks[edit]

The budget, with which each resident had to purchase food and other goods available, was seven euros (~US$10) per inhabitant per day. A share of 20-50%, of this basic budget, they had to use for weekly tasks in which they had to perform, for example, their ability to provide athletic performance or ability to learn a test. When a task was passed, the basic budget was added; otherwise, when a task was failed, the basic budget was subtracted from a player's total.


Housemates Residence Occupation Age
Germany Andreas Schulze Nufringen Former Model 33
Germany Anja Kociemba Eisenbach Industrial mechanic 22
Germany Iris Lauermann, "Crazy" Cologne Freelance Musicmanager 30
Croatia Davorka Tovilo Munich Student 28
Turkey Ertu Kile Tönisvorst H.P. Employee relationship 25
Turkey Hakan Kaveller Andernach IT-Electrician 20
Austria Jasmin Holzmann Leoben Singer 32
Germany Jasmin Jennewein, "Jazmin" Mallorca Singer / Stripper 27
Germany Maik Hamburg unemployed 38
Germany Mareen Drewes Essen Photographer 26
Poland Peter Szkatula Remscheid Unemployed 28
Germany Sandra Wesolek Berlin Waitress 27
Germany Sela Herzberg[disambiguation needed] Sales Clerk 21
Netherlands Sergej Janssen Erkelenz Unemployed 29
Turkey Tanyol Salur Ratingen 28
Germany Thorsten Hoffeld Lampertheim Customer service for mail-order firm 31
Bulgaria Vesselina Angelova, "Vessy" Duisburg Student 22

Entered on Day 1 (26 February 2009):

  • Iris "Crazy" Lauermann, 30
  • Ertu Kile, 25
  • Maik, 38
  • Mareen Drewes, 26
  • Sandra Wesolek, 27
  • Sergej Janssen, 29

New Housemates:
Entered on Day 8 (6 March 2009):

  • Jasmin "Jazmin" Jennewein

Entered on Day 15 (13 March):

  • Aksana
  • Peter
  • Tanyol

Entered on Day 22:

  • Andreas (replacement for Tanyol)

Entered on Day 25:

  • Vesselina "Vessy" Angelova (replacement for Aksana)

Entered on Day 29:

  • Hakan Kaveller

Entered on Day 43:

  • Davorka Tovilo

Entered on Day 50:

  • Jasmin Holzmann (replacement for Maik)

Entered on Day 57:

  • Thorsten Hoffeld

Entered on Day 71 (8 May 2009):

  • Anja Kociemba


Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Final
Sergej Jazmin Crazy Andreas
Davorka Banned Nominated Nominated Winner
(Day 99)
Vessy Not in
The House
Andreas Andreas Davorka Ertu Immune No
(Day 99)
Hakan Not in
The House
Peter Andreas Andreas Sergej Immune Sergej 3rd Place
(Day 99)
Thorsten Not in
The House
Ertu Ertu Nominated No
4th Place
(Day 99)
Anja Not in
The House
Ertu Nominated Peter 5th Place
(Day 99)
Peter Crazy Andreas Sela Andreas Ertu Immune Nominated Evicted
(Day 96)
Sandra Aksana Andreas Andreas Andreas Banned Nominated Evicted
(Day 92)
Ertu Crazy Crazy Vessy Davorka Banned Evicted
(Day 85)
Jasmin Not in
The House
Sandra Walked
(Day 76)
Davorka Not in
The House
Vessy Andreas Walked
(Day 73)
Andreas Not in
The House
Crazy Sela Vessy Evicted
(Day 71)
Sela Not in
The House
Andreas Evicted
(Day 57)
Maik Sergej Andreas Evicted
(Day 47)
Crazy Mareen Ertu Evicted
(Day 43)
Jazmin Mareen Walked
(Day 34)
Mareen Jazmin Evicted
(Day 29)
Aksana Jazmin Walked
(Day 24)
Tanyol Walked
(Day 21)
Walked Tanyol Aksana
None Davorka
Public Nomination None Maik (1.2%) Sela (3.12%) Hakan (1.4%) Hakan (3.8%) None
Nominated Mareen (3 votes)
Jazmin (2 votes)
Crazy (2 votes)
Andreas (4 votes)
Crazy (3 votes)
Andreas (5 votes)
Sela (3 votes)
Vessy (3 votes)
Andreas (4 votes)
Davorka (3 votes)
Ertu (4 votes)
Hakan (1 vote)
Sergej (1 vote)
Evicted Mareen
20% to save
25.5% to save
15.9% to save
44.5% to save
<19.8% to save
14.4% to save
41.7% to save
8% to win
(Out of 5)
13.2% to win
(Out of 5)
14.6% to win
(Out of 3)
32.9% to win
67.1% to win