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The self-designated group Der Flügel (English the wing) is an extreme nationalistic faction within the Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland, AfD). The main known leading figure of the Flügel is Björn Höcke. He[1] and Andreas Kalbitz are unofficial spokesman of the Flügel.

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution classified the Flügel in January 2019 as a suspected case for right-wing extremist aspirations (Verdachtsfall), since the "propagated policy concept was aimed at exclusion, contempt and far-reaching rights of foreigners, migrants, especially Muslims, and politically dissidents."[2]


Founding document of the "Flügel" is the "Erfurt Declaration" of 2015. The declaration explains the AfD as an "resistance movement against the further erosion of the identity of Germany".

The main event of Flügel is its annual "Kyffhäusertreffen". Henry Bernhard of DLF analysed an ongoing radicalization of the movement at this meeting. "Racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, historical revisionism, the relativization of the crimes of National Socialism became increasingly accepted positions there.", he wrote in 2019.[2]

Amplified to the AfD election results form federal election and some state election up from 2015, the Flügel wants to take over the AfD. Leading AfD politcians, like AfD-chairman Jörg Meuthen criticized Höcke's "personality cult", but not necessarly his far-right political positions.[3]

Important persons and influence[edit]


AfD factions in Deutscher Bundestag consists of 92 parliamentarians. 22 of them are connected in different ways to Flügel.


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