Der Stein des Todes

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Der Stein des Todes
Directed byFranz Josef Gottlieb
Produced byArtur Brauner
Written byWerner Hauff
Heinz-Werner John
StarringAlbert Fortell
Heather Thomas
Elke Sommer
Distributed byRing-Film-Verleih
Release date
2 July 1987
Running time
93 minutes (Germany)
Sri Lanka

Der Stein des Todes is a 1987 German-Sri-Lankan action film director by Franz Josef Gottlieb and starring Albert Fortell, Heather Thomas, Elke Sommer and Brad Harris.[1] While in Sri Lanka attending the Esala Perahera festival, a man's girlfriend goes missing and is later found dead of a drug overdose. He then sets about going after the criminals who killed her.[2] It was also released as Perahera, Death Stone and Jungle Fire.


DVD Release[edit]

In 2011 this film was released on DVD. The disc contains a German version of this film and as addition an interview with Brad Harris in English. Brad Harris talks about this film as well as about his film career in general.


Brad Harris also states in the aforementioned interview he had written parts of the screenplay and was responsible for the choreography of all fights. Among other things he also mentions the Italian actors had brought provisions from Italy with them and had advised the cooks in their hotels to fix them meals à la Italian cuisine.


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