Der Wahrheitsfreund

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Der Wahrheitsfreund
Type Weekly (Wednesdays)[1]
Format 31 by 46 inches (79 cm × 117 cm)[1]
Owner(s) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Publisher Benziger Brothers
Founded 1837
Language German
Ceased publication 1907
Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Circulation 14,400 (1875)[2]
Sister newspapers The Catholic Telegraph
OCLC number 631796295

Der Wahrheitsfreund or Der Wahrheits-Freund (“The Friend of Truth”) was the first German language Catholic newspaper in the United States[3][4] and one of many German-language newspapers in Cincinnati, Ohio during the nineteenth century. It was published by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati, and proceeds went to the St. Aloysius Orphan Society.


At the time of the paper’s first issue on July 20, 1837,[5] the Diocese of Cincinnati covered the entirety of Ohio and its English-language weekly, The Catholic Telegraph, had circulated for several years. The Wahrheitsfreund’s founder, vicar general John Henni, served as editor from its founding to his appointment as the first Bishop of Milwaukee in 1843.[6] By 1875, the paper had 14,400 subscribers.[2] In 1907, the Wahrheitsfreund merged with Rev. Joseph Jessing's Ohio Waisenfreund (Ohio Orphan's Friend).[7]

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