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Derby and surrounding built-up area subdivisions in 2011. This extends to small locations in South Derbyshire. Quarndon, a nearby yet independent area, is also shown.
  City and district boundaries
  Built-up area
Built-up area boundaries in 2011 showing Nottingham and Derby, with near convergence of surrounding major BUA's:

The Derby Built-up Area (BUA) or Derby Urban Area is an area including Derby and adjoining built-up districts of Derbyshire, in the East Midlands of England, including Borrowash and Duffield. The Office for National Statistics defines an urban area as one which is built upon, with nearby areas linked if within 200 metres.[1][2]

It had a total population of 270,468 at the time of the 2011 census.[3] An increase of over 10% since the 2001 census recorded population of 236,738;[4] comprising population increases since 2001 along with new minor residential areas, and larger sub-divisions.


The Derby built-up area is considered to be most of the city, as well as outlying villages within the districts of Amber Valley and Erewash which adjoin the city. This overall area is, by ONS' figures, the 29th largest in the UK.

Due to methods of measuring linked areas being redefined for the 2011 census, Breadsall, Duffield and Little Eaton were included. However, Quarndon is not considered to be a component due to being marginally too distant.

It extends south to small adjoining estates in the South Derbyshire district, at Boulton Moor/Thulston Fields, Stenson Fields, and the Mickleover Country Park residential development (The Pastures)[5] within Burnaston parish.

New or currently being built estates on the perimeter such as Regent's Place in Chellaston,[6] Langley Country Park in Mackworth parish,[7] and Buttercup Leys in Bolton Moor[8] will be added in 2021 and future censuses.

The urban area is bounded to the east by a narrow gap between Borrowash and Draycott (to the west of the Breaston urban area sub-division of the Nottingham BUA). It is also close to other nearby urban areas to the north.

Urban subdivision Population District
2001 census 2011 census
Derby 229,407 255,394 City of Derby
Borrowash 5,621 7,335 Erewash
Duffield 5,046 Amber Valley
Little Eaton 1,920 Erewash
Ockbrook 1,710 Erewash
Breadsall 773 Erewash
Total 236,738 270,468


  • Ockbrook included in Borrowash figure in 2011.
  • Derby unitary authority 2001/2011 population figures were 221,716 and 244,625,[9] the table ONS subdivision figures also containing small adjoining estates outside the city boundary at Boulton Moor/Thulston Fields, Stenton Fields, and Burnaston.
  • Quarndon, although very close to the BUA is considered to be a separate area.

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